Server is currently on BETA, we will wipe after BETA. Join our Discord for live chat.
Our wiki page
Our wiki page

Our server offer a wiki page with a lot of info that matches with our in-game content. Read about all existing features, drops, dungeons, towns and quest info!...

State of Beta
State of Beta

Hello r0nians, I can say that looking at the state of the beta, we're now at 40-60% completion. In terms of completion and tests done and still being done. We are still aiming for ...

Welcome to Ragna0!

Greetings, Adventurer!

Ragna0 is a free Ragnarok Online private server based off Gravity's Ragnarok Zero project.
We are a max level 120/70 Transcendent Job server with 5x5x3x up to 10x10x5x rates.
Our vision is also to provide a stable, less RNG, no p2w and many QoLs to make your Zero gaming experience at maximum.
If you'd like a brand new RO experience, then our server is guarantee of your taste!
Hope on board on our discord for some chats!

Head on over to the registration page and give us a go!
Hope you see you in-game,
By: Hades

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