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Zero Group is a special organization formed to create a bondery between new adventurer's.

The group accepts requests from different villages and towns, the quests are posted and given out by the group staff.

The group also has other services, make sure you visit this place if you are new.


Requirement: 1st Job & Completed Criatura Academy quest.


  1. Turn into 1st Job and speak to Sprakki
    • She will introduce you to Lime Evenor
  2. Lime Evenor will give you a 6219.pngZero Group Token
    • You can now access Zero Group with this mark in inventory.
    • You can continue this quest to get exp...


Zero Group HQ in Prontera

Zero Group Building

Zero Group Merchants

NPC Name Shopping List

Zero Group Shop

Zero Group Shop

You can purchase items from this shop using 25398.pngZero Group Coin.

Supply Manager

Supply Manager

You can turn in 25398.pngZero Group Coin for random consume items.

Zero Group Arms-dealer

Zero Group Arms-dealer

Buy nice beginner equipment from this NPC using 25398.pngZero Group Coin.

Garment [1-50+] Shoes [1-50+] Armor [1-50+] Shield [1-50+] Adventure Gears [1+] Power Gears [70+] Weapons [1-70+]

20879.pngGrade II Desert Manteau [1]

20880.pngGrade III Desert Manteau [1]

20882.pngGrade II Forest Cloak [1]

20883.pngGrade III Forest Cloak [1]

20885.pngGrade II Trader's Cloak [1]

20886.pngGrade III Trader's Cloak [1]

20888.pngGrade II Sage's Cloak [1]

20889.pngGrade III Sage's Cloak [1]

20891.pngGrade II Service Cloak [1]

20892.pngGrade III Service Cloak [1]

20894.pngGrade II Courage Cloak [1]

20895.pngGrade III Courage Cloak [1]

20896.pngClass C Kingdom Manteau [1]

20897.pngClass B Kingdom Manteau [1]

20898.pngClass A Kingdom Manteau [1]

22162.pngGrade II Shoes [1]

22163.pngGrade III Shoes [1]

22164.pngClass C Kingdom Boots [1]

22165.pngClass B Kingdom Boots [1]

22166.pngClass A Kingdom Boots [1]

15232.pngGrade II Suit [1]

15233.pngGrade III Suit [1]

15234.pngClass C Kingdom Suit [1]

15235.pngClass B Kingdom Suit [1]

15236.pngClass A Kingdom Suit [1]

28935.pngGrade II Guard [1]

28936.pngGrade III Guard [1]

28937.pngClass C Kingdom Shield [1]

28938.pngClass B Kingdom Shield [1]

28939.pngClass A Kingdom Shield [1]

15410.pngAdventure Suit [1]

20953.pngAdventure Hood [1]

22215.pngAdventure Sandals [1]

32252.pngAdventure Clip [1]

27459.pngPower Suit [1]

27460.pngPower Cloak [1]

27461.pngPower Boots [1]

27462.pngPower Ring(R) [1]

27463.pngPower Ring(L) [1]

27464.pngPower Hat(Phyiscal)

27465.pngPower Hat(Magical)

27421.pngSteel Dagger [1]

27422.pngSteel Two-handed Sword [1]

27423.pngSteel Two-handed Axe [1]

27424.pngSteel Lance [1]

27425.pngSteel Katar [1]

27426.pngSteel Book [1]

27427.pngSteel Bow [1]

27428.pngSteel Staff [1]

27429.pngSteel Mace [1]

27430.pngSteel Huuma Shuriken [1]

27431.pngPower Two-handed Sword

27432.pngPower Axe

27433.pngPower Katar

27434.pngPower Staff

27435.pngPower Hammer

27436.pngPower Bow

27437.pngPower Spear

27438.pngPower Sword

27439.pngPower Dagger

27440.pngPower Spellbook

27441.pngPower Knuckle

27442.pngPower Guitar

27443.pngPower Whip

27444.pngPower Asura

27445.pngPower Lance

27446.pngPower Short Spear

27447.pngPower Two-handed Axe

27448.pngPower Saber

27449.pngPower Jur

27450.pngPower Battle Bow

27451.pngPower Long Staff

27452.pngPower Elemental Book

27453.pngPower Mace

27454.pngPower Claw

27455.pngPower Ballista

27456.pngPower Violin

27457.pngPower Wire

27458.pngPower Huuma Shuriken

Kingdom Gear Enchanter

Kingdom Gear Enchanter

  • You can enchant the classed Kingdom equipment with extra stats using Zero Group Coins.
  • You can also reset the unwanted stat enchant received.

Novice Vending Machine

Novice Vending Machine

Recycle your free novice gears received from Zero Academy here to receive extra Zero Group Coins.

You can also exchange for few Novice items.

Zero Group Services

NPC Name Description




Basic Zeny Shops

  • Few convinient NPCs.

Secret Trainer

Secret Trainer

  • A trainer for zero group members between Level 1 ~ 50.
  • You can enter a secret room with monster suitable for the level range
  • Very efficient mob leveling up to 50.

Zero Logistic Assistant

Zero Logistic Assistant

Zero Group Quests

NPC Name Quest Details

Job Trainers (Daily)


  • Speak to Elisha to receive your Job Trainer direction.
    • 1st time complete receives free beginner equipment.
  • Talk to your specific Job Trainer inside Zero Group to continue.

Champ Mob Commission (Daily)

Champ Mob Commission

  • Hunt specifc requested Champion Monster

Zero Logistic Officer (Hourly)

Zero Logistic Officer

  • Turn in materials to Zero Group