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A valueable gem carried by various creatures in the wilderness, some of them are burried deep down in the ground.

The star formed gem is magical power and is collected by Adventurer_Inn, they use Zelstar as research and crafting material.

How to find Zelstar?

The champion monsters carries 27087.pngZelstar and 27088.pngBag of Zelstar.

Dropped by Rate
Champion Monster Lv 1+ Low
Champion Monster Lv 40+ Average
Champion Monster Lv 80+ Good

The use of Zelstar

NPC Info Rewards

Zelstar Store

Use 27087.pngZelstar to purchase from this store.

Zelstar Item Machine

Insert 2 27087.pngZelstar to obtain a random Special Item.

Zelstar Costume Machine

Insert 30 27087.pngZelstar to obtain a random Costume Hat.

The costume hat rotates every week.