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Yuno Mini Map
Rewards Overview

Base & Job EXP



Yuno is the floating capital city of the Republic of Schwarzwald and contains three islands: the glorious island Solomon (north), island of intelligence Snotora (east), and island of prosperity Mineta (center).
Many come to research the strange powers and ancient civilization. As such, Yuno is called the 'City of the Wise One' for this reason and is the location of the Sage Headquarters. It can be reached either via a bridge from the Elmes Plateau or an airship.
In Yuno, there is a tradition in which the 3 best Sages are chosen to represent each of Yuno's islands. The current Sages are:

  • Yklah (Sage of Mineta)
  • Syklah (Sage of Snotora)
  • Esklah (Sage of Solomon)


NPC Requirements Rewards

Vepser Accessories

Professor Pen

Professor Pen, crafting of Vesper Cores and Memory of Lovers.


Cursed Swords


Solve the puzzle and find the blacksmith!

This quest allows you to craft one of the three Cursed Swords.


Kiel Hyre Assistant

Kiel Hyre Student

  • Completed Boarder Check Points
  • Need Peco Feathers
  • Need Antelope Skins
  • EXP
  • 2x Randomc Cash Consumes

A Poem dedicated to Adventurer


  • Base Level 75+
  • Hunt Sleepers

Item Retrieval Party Emilia 


  • Base Level 75+
  • Help out with Harpy's Nests

Training Camps

Guard Crew

  • Base Level 70+
  • Help the Crew defeat the opponent.

Daily Quests

Quest NPC Requirements Rewards

Border Check Point Quests


  • Base Level 70+
  • Hunt Mantis
  • Hunt Geographer

Yuno Rainy Prayers


  • Base Level 70+
  • A long quest

Librarian and Guardian Day


  • Base Level 70+
  • Catch Runaway Books

School Guards

School Guard

  • Base Level 90+
  • Hunt Harpy

Museum's Requests

Museum Staff

  • Base Level 90+
  • 3 Quests
    1. Hunt Nightmare Terrors
    2. Hunt Deleters
    3. Collect Lava