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A list of Whips dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1964.pngChemeti Whip

61-99 Dryad Navigation

1965.pngRed Flame Whip

61-99 Medusa Navigation
61-99 Swift Medusa beach_dun

1966.pngIcicle Whip

61-99 Neraid Navigation

1967.pngGaia Whip

1-20 Mandragora Navigation
1-20 Solid Mandragora gef_fild04

1968.pngSkipping Rope

61-99 Stem Worm Navigation

1969.pngBlade Whip

61-99 Parasite Navigation
61-99 Solid Parasite um_fild03

1970.pngQueen's Whip

61-99 Zealotus Navigation

1971.pngElectric Wire

61-99 Phendark Navigation
61-99 Sropho Navigation

26211.pngBarbed Wire [1]

Fever Disguise Navigation

26208.pngEarth Dragon's Whip [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

26209.pngYin Yang Whip [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

26214.pngBells of Soul Whip [2]

Fever Novus Navigation
Fever Angelic Skeggiold Navigation