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A list of Whips dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map Chance(%)
1964.pngChemeti Whip 61-99 Dryad Navigation  
1965.pngRed Flame Whip 61-99 Medusa Navigation  
61-99 Swift Medusa beach_dun  
1966.pngIcicle Whip 61-99 Neraid Navigation  
1967.pngGaia Whip 1-20 Mandragora Navigation  
1-20 Solid Mandragora gef_fild04  
1968.pngSkipping Rope 61-99 Stem Worm Navigation  
1969.pngBlade Whip 61-99 Parasite Navigation  
61-99 Solid Parasite um_fild03  
1970.pngQueen's Whip 61-99 Zealotus Navigation  
1971.pngElectric Wire 61-99 Phendark Navigation  
61-99 Sropho Navigation  
26211.pngBarbed Wire [1] Fever M/R Disguise Navigation  
26208.pngEarth Dragon's Whip [2] Regional   Amatsu  
26209.pngYin Yang Whip [2] Regional   Louyang