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A list of NPCs that are useful and can be found in different towns.


NPC List

NPC Name Description

Kafra Employee


  • Allows players to
    • Save your location
    • Use Storage
    • Use Teleport service
    • Rent a Pushcart (Merchant Job)
  • Can be found in all towns.

Town Guides

Town Guides

  • Gives player indication on mini map of various remarkable buildings in the town.
  • Can be found in all towns.

Neko Healer

Neko Healer

  • This little kitty has the power to give you a full restoration of HP.
  • Can be found in all towns.

Schr0dinger the Warper


  • Schr0dinger the cat has the mysterious power of warping players to the desired Town! A town warper!
  • Can be found in all towns.

Shizu, Mare and Rosa the buffers.

Buffing Cleaners

  • You can only find these 3 cute town cleaners in Prontera,
  • they can give a buff or two when you walk by.

Sir Renov the Rental

Sir Renov

  • If you are need a Falcon, Cart or a Pecopeco ride, don't be shy to speak with Renov.
  • He can only be found in Prontera.

Milard Dead Branch Room


  • He can rent you A private room for you and your party to break Dead Branches and hunt the monsters without being disturbed.
  • He can only be found in Prontera.

Jovovich the Stylist

Jovovich Stylist


NPC Name Description

The Adventurer's Inn

Adventurer's Inn

  • This Inn is located in Prontera, it's a exclusive building with many useful NPCs gathered.

Ying Card Remover


  • She has the ability to remove Cards off equipment and weapons, although it  comes with a great cost.
  • You can find dr Ying inside Prontera Adventurer's Inn.

Cordeo Stats & Skill Resetter


  • A magical high priest who can help you reset your skills and stats.
  • You can find him inside the Adventurer's Inn.



  • If you have any broken equipment, bring it to this Repairman, he will cling clank fix it for you!
  • If your equipment can't be equipped and has a Red name, it means that it's broken.
  • You can find it in many place and Adventurer's Inn.

Master Zhang Refinery

Master Zhang

  • Bring any equipment and materials needed for Master Zhang, and he will help you refining the equipment, to make it even stronger!
  • You can find other refining NPCs, but Master Zhang is only in Adventurer's Inn.

Flamering the Ore Exchanger


General Supplier

General Supplier

Job Supplier

Job Supplier

Raden the Quiver Maker


  • A great hunter with the skill to craft Arrow Quivers, all kinds of quivers!
  • He can be found inside the Adventurer's Inn.

Kaishin the Kunai Scroll maker


  • Super ninja with the jutsu to combine 500 various kunais into scrolls, this can save a lot of space in inventory!
  • He can be found inside the Adventurer's Inn.