Transcendent Job Quest

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Quest Requirements

  • Job: 2nd Job
  • Base Level: 99
  • Job Level: 50
  • Important: 
    • Have 0 Zeny!
    • Have less than 500 weight.
    • Make sure you have used up all skill points.
    • Take off Falcon/Cart/Peco Peco.

Quest Reward

Quest Details

  1. Head to the Sage Castle in Northwest Yuno.
    • Sage Castle
  2. Read The Book of Ymir.
    • Book of Ymir
  3. Talk to Metheus Sylphe, he will help you recover the missing verses from the Book of Ymir.
    • Metheus Sylphe
  4. Follow Metheus Sylphe's guidance to find 3 Valkyrie Remnants....
    1. Glast Heim (75/152)
    2. St. Capitolina Abbey (228/263)
    3. Niflheim (329/57)
    4. Note: They appear when you walk close to them.
  5. When you are complete, speak to Book of Ymir.
    • The Book will give you 2 ways to Transcendence.
      1. Mythril Transcendence, giving 15x 25430.pngMythril to reset your previous job group, Example Knight -> Any your choice.
      2. Traditional Transcendence, regular job change into Novice High and following your previous job, Example Knight -> Lord Knight.
  6. You will be warped to Valhalla and talk to the Valkyrie toTranscendence!

Transcendent 1st Job Quest

  • Requirements
    • High Novice
    • Job Level 10
  • Reward
    • Transcendent 1st Job
  • Details
    1. When reaching the Job Level 10 as High Novice.
    2. Goto your Job guild and speak to the 1st Job NPC.
    3. Example: to become High Swordman, speak to Swordman in Izlude Swordman guild.

Transcendent 2nd Job Quest

  • Requirements
    • Transcendent 1st Job
    • Job Level 50
  • Reward
    • Transcendent 2nd Job
  • Details
    • Goto your Job Guild and speak to the individual Job NPC.
    • Example: to become Lord Knight, speak to the Lord Knight NPC in Prontera Knight Guild.