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A list of One-handed Swords and Two-handed Swords dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.

One-handed Sword

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1102.pngSword [4]

1-20 Lunatic Navigation
1-20 Solid Lunatic prt_fild08
1-20 Lunatic Ringleader prt_fild01
1-20 Hornet Navigation
1-20 Worm Tail Navigation

1105.pngFalchion [4]

1-20 Drops Navigation
21-40 Familiar Navigation
21-40 Elusive Familiar moc_pryd01
41-60 Pirate Skeleton Navigation
41-60 Swift Pirate Skeleton treasure02

1108.pngBlade [4]

1-20 Condor Navigation
1-20 Snake Navigation
41-60 Thief Bug Navigation

1111.pngRapier [3]

21-40 Tarou Navigation
21-40 Poporing Navigation
41-60 Skeleton Worker Navigation
41-60 Alligator Navigation
61-99 Angeling Navigation
61-99 Executioner gl_cas02

1114.pngScimitar [3]

21-40 Creamy Navigation
41-60 Galapago Navigation
41-60 Goblin 1 Navigation
41-60 Orc Archer Navigation
61-99 Executioner gl_cas02

1120.pngTsurugi [2]

41-60 Magnolia Navigation
41-60 Goblin Leader Navigation
61-99 Golem Navigation
61-99 Side Winder Navigation
61-99 Side Winder Ringleader mjolnir_03
61-99 Zombie Prisoner Navigation
61-99 Deviruchi Navigation
61-99 Raydric Navigation

1124.pngOrcish Sword

Boss Orc Hero gef_fild03
Boss Dark Orc Hero gef_fild02

1125.pngRing Pommel Saber [3]

21-40 Deniro Navigation
21-40 Yoyo Navigation
41-60 Orc Lady Navigation
41-60 Myst Navigation
41-60 Swordfish Navigation
Boss Drake treasure02
Boss Stormy Drake Instance

1127.pngSaber [3]

41-60 Drainliar Navigation
41-60 Eggyra Navigation
61-99 Clock Tower Manager Navigation
61-99 Vagabond Wolf prt_maze01,03
Boss Drake treasure02
Boss Stormy Drake Instance

1128.pngHaedonggum [2]

Boss Drake treasure02
Boss Stormy Drake Instance

1131.pngIce Falchion

Boss Garm xmas_fild01


Boss Eddga pay_fild10
1135.pngCutlus Boss Drake treasure02
Boss Stormy Drake Instance

1136.pngSolar Sword

Boss Pharaoh in_sphinx05

1141.pngImmaterial Sword

Boss Turtle General tur_dun04

1147.pngTown Sword [2]

61-99 Hode Navigation

1148.pngStar Dust Blade [1]

61-99 Vagabond Wolf prt_maze01 / 03

13482.pngOrcish Blade [1]

Fever Dark Orc Warrior gef_fild02
Fever Dark High Orc gef_fild02
Fever Boss Dark Orc Hero gef_fild02

13484.pngOak Sword [1]

Fever Dark Willow pay_fild06

13491.pngShining Sword

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

13494.pngCursed Mysteltainn [2]

Regional Yuno Quest Yuno

13487.pngGuardian Sword [1]

61-99 Rybio gl_prison / 1

13488.pngEarth Dragon's Sword [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

13489.pngYin Yang Sword [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

Two-handed Sword

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map


1-20 Chonchon Navigation
1-20 Snake pay_fild02
1-20 Snake Ringleader Navigation
21-40 Thief Bug Navigation
41-60 Swordfish Navigation

1152.pngSlayer [3]

21-40 Caramel Navigation
21-40 Thief Bug Navigation
21-40 Plantkon Navigation
41-60 Orc Zombie Navigation
41-60 Minorous Navigation
61-99 Wootan Fighter Navigation

1155.pngBastard Sword [3]

21-40 Andre Navigation
61-99 Cramp Navigation

1158.pngTwo-Handed Sword [2]

41-60 Pirate Skeleton Navigation
41-60 Metaller Navigation
61-99 Dustiness Navigation
61-99 Elder Navigation
61-99 Arclouse Navigation
61-99 Solid Raydric gl_knt01

1162.pngBroad Sword [2]

41-60 Sea Otter Navigation
61-99 Nine Tail Navigation
Boss Doppelganger gef_dun02


Boss Doppelganger gef_dun02


61-99 Bloody Knight Navigation


61-99 Wanderer Navigation
61-99 Furious Wanderer gl_cas02

21045.pngIndigo Sword

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

21048.pngCursed Executioner [2]

Regional Yuno Quest Yuno

21039.pngRoyal Knight's Greatsword [1]

Fever Corrupted Raydric gl_knt02
Fever Raydric Navigation

21041.pngEarth Dragon's Greatsword [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

21043.pngYin Yang Greatsword [2]

Regional NPC Louyang