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A list of One-handed Staffs and Two-handed Staffs dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.

Drop Rates

  • Normal monster = 9%
  • Champion monster = 30%
  • Boss monster = 45%
  • Fever monster = 6%
  • Fever boss = 24%

One-handed Staff

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map
1602.pngRod [4] 1-20 Drops Navigation
1-20 Drops Ringleader moc_fild07
1-20 Picky Navigation
1-20 Enhanced Drops Instance
1605.pngWand [3] 21-40 Peco Peco Navigation
21-40 Elusive Peco Peco moc_fild02
21-40 Bigfoot Navigation
21-40 Marin Navigation
41-60 Goblin 2 Navigation
41-60 Choco Navigation
41-60 Goblin 5 Navigation
41-60 Marc Navigation
61-99 Driller Navigation
1608.pngStaff [3] 21-40 Coco Navigation
21-40 Goblin 3 Navigation
41-60 Rotar Zairo Navigation
41-60 Goblin 5 Navigation
61-99 Elusive Marduk in_sphinx3
61-99 Wraith Navigation
1611.pngArc Wand [2] 41-60 Seal Navigation
41-60 Obeaune Navigation
61-99 Alarm Navigation
61-99 Ghostring Navigation
61-99 Bloody Murderer Navigation
1622.pngHypnotist's Staff [2] 61-99 Sandman Navigation
61-99 Furious Sandman moc_fild16
61-99 Sleeper Navigation
61-99 Swift Sleeper yuno_fild02
61-99 Elusive Sleeper yuno_fild06
1613.pngMighty Staff 61-99 Dokebi Navigation
61-99 Furious Dokebi pay_dun04
1614.pngWand of Occult 61-99 Marduk Navigation
61-99 Elusive Marduk in_sphinx3
61-99 Anubis Navigation
1615.pngEvil Bone Wand 61-99 Evil Druid Navigation
61-99 Wind Ghost Navigation
61-99 Dark Illusion Navigation
Boss Dark Lord gl_chyard
1625.pngHealing Staff 61-99 Anubis Navigation
26123.pngOak Staff [1] Fever Dark Willow Navigation
Fever Dark Spore Navigation
26121.pngOrcish Staff [1] Fever Dark Orc Baby Navigation
Fever Dark Orc Lady Navigation
Fever Boss Dark Orc Lord Navigation
26122.pngSand Crystal Staff [1] Fever Desert Sandman Navigation
Fever Boss Desert Phreeoni moc_fild17
26140.pngWitch's Broom [1] Fever Alice Navigation
Fever Erzsebet Navigation
26139.pngIce Wand [1] Fever Ice Ghost Navigation
Fever Awakened Ice Ghost Navigation
26138.pngFlaming Wand [1] Fever Flame Ghost Navigation
Fever Awakened Flame Ghost Navigation

 2049.pngStaff of Blue Flame [1]

NONE Quest Navigation

26148.pngOwl Duke Stick [1]

Fever Owl Duke Navigation

26153.pngSacred Torch Cane [1]

Fever Deleter (Ground) Navigation

1629.pngGentleman's Staff [1]

61-99 Owl Baron Navigation

26142.pngEarth Dragon's Staff [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

26145.pngYin Yang Rod [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

26157.pngBlue Crystal Rod [1]

Fever Red Eruma Navigation

26162.pngWelding Wand [1]

Einbroch NPC Einbech
1646.pngLa'cryma Stick [1] Einbroch

Kathryne Keyron


1647.pngCroce Staff [1]

Einbroch Erreden Ebecee
Margaretha Sorin

27539.pngCommander Wand [2]

Regional NPC Ayothaya

Two-handed Staff

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1473.pngWizardry Staff

61-99 Elder Navigation
Boss Dracula gef_dun01
2001.pngDivine Cross


Lord of the Dead niflheim
1472.pngSoul Staff


Owl Baron Navigation

2004.pngKronos [1]

None Dark Lord Navigation

2005.pngDea Staff [1]

None Maya Navigation

2058.pngDetecting Staff [1]

Einbroch NPC Einbech

27470.pngCelestial Wand [2]

Regional NPC Gonryun

2004.pngKronos [1]

Einbroch Wizard Kathryne
Kathryne Keyron
2005.pngDea Staff [1]


Priest Margaretha
Margaretha Sorin

27556.pngAncient Magical Staff [1]

Fever Leaf Cat Ayothaya