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A list of One-handed Spears and Two-handed Spears dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.

One-handed Spear

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1402.pngJavelin [4]

1-20 Baby Desert Wolf Navigation
1-20 Rocker Navigation
1-20 Elusive Rocker prt_fild07
1-20 Thief Bug Egg Navigation

1405.pngSpear [4]

1-20 Mandragora Navigation
1-20 Solid Mandragora gef_fild04
21-40 Caramel Navigation
21-40 Swift Caramel mjolnir_01

1408.pngPike [4]

1-20 Pecopeco Egg Navigation
1-20 Rocker Navigation
1-20 Worm Tail Navigation
21-40 Caramel Navigation
21-40 Swift Caramel mjolnir_01


Boss Mistress mjolnir_04

1417.pngPole Axe [1]

61-99 Bloody Knight Navigation
Boss Turtle General tur_dun04
Boss Lord of the Dead niflheim

32016.pngTwilight Spear

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

32020.pngPiercing Spear [1]

Fever Apocalypse Navigation

32022.pngFreezing Trident [1]

Fever Deepsea Red Eruma Navigation

Two-handed Spear

Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1452.pngGuisarme [3]

21-40 Muka Navigation
21-40 Muka Ringleader moc_fild01
21-40 Peco Peco Navigation
21-40 Horn Navigation
21-40 Solid Horn pay_fild09
41-60 Kukre Navigation
41-60 Seal Navigation
41-60 Swift Seal cmd_fild02
41-60 Marine Sphere Navigation
41-60 Flora Navigation
61-99 Stalactic Golem Navigation
61-99 Stem Worm Navigation

1455.pngGlaive [3]

21-40 Caramel Navigation
21-40 Swift Caramel mjolnir_01
21-40 Hydra Navigation
41-60 Marina Navigation
41-60 Phen Navigation
41-60 Savage Navigation

1458.pngPartizan [2]

21-40 Poison Spore Navigation
21-40 Elder Willow Navigation
41-60 Giearth Navigation
61-99 Petit Navigation
61-99 Deviruchi Navigation

1461.pngTrident [3]

41-60 Raggler Navigation
41-60 King of Beetle Navigation
41-60 Merman Navigation
41-60 Furious Merman iz_dun04
61-99 Strouf Navigation
61-99 Wooden Golem Navigation
61-99 Dark Illusion Navigation

1464.pngHalberd [2]

41-60 Baphomet Jr Navigation
61-99 Hode Navigation
61-99 Marduk Navigation
61-99 Dark Priest Navigation
61-99 Sropho Navigation


61-99 Hunter Fly Navigation
61-99 Sasquatch Navigation
61-99 Injustice Navigation
61-99 Sedora Navigation
61-99 Abysmal Knight Navigation
Boss Doppelganger gef_dun02


Boss Stormy Knight xmas_dun02


Boss Amon Ra moc_pryd06

1476.pngCrescent Scythe [1]

Boss Baphoment prt_maze03

1477.pngSpectral Spear

Boss Moonlight Flower pay_dun04

26020.pngChaos Lance

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

26016.pngRoyal Knight's Lance

Fever Corrupted Raydric gl_knt02

26022.pngBurning Nightmare [1]

Fever Nightmare Terror Navigation

26017.pngEarth Dragon's Lance [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

26018.pngYin Yang Spear [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

26023.pngGlacier Spear [2]

Fever Black Acidus Navigation
Fever Acidus Navigation