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A list of Shoes dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Equipment option click here.

Note: Only Champion and Fever Monsters drops Shoes come with Options. Normal monsters doesn't drop optioned Shoes.

Note: Champion monsters drops Champion category Shoes, while Fever / Fever boss monster drops Fever category Shoes.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map Chance(%)
2402.pngSandals [1]   Elusive Chonchon gef_fild00  
  Elusive Scorpion moc_fild18  
  Muka Ringleader moc_fild01  
  Peco Peco    
  Elusive Peco Peco moc_fild02  
  Cookie Ringleader xmas_dun01  
  Solid Coco gef_fild09  
  Furious Dokebi pay_dun04  
2404.pngShoes [1]   Solid Fabre prt_fild06  
  Elusive Familiar prt_sewb1  
  Solid Poison Spore mjolnir_06  
  Solid Requiem in_sphinx2  
  Elusive Jing Guai lou_dun01  
2405.pngBoots   Baphomet    
2406.pngBoots [1]   Cookie Ringleader xmas_dun01  
  Solid Orc Lady gef_fild03  
  Solid Whisper gl_sew01  
  Sea Otter Ringleader cmd_fild04  
  Elusive Green Iguana cmd_fild01  
  Furious Wootan Fighter um_fild02  
  Elusive Argiope mjolnir_11  
  Swift Argiope mjolnir_05  
  Furious Penomena alde_dun03  
  Swift Petite gef_fild08  
  Elusive Carat gl_cas01  
  Hyegun Ringleader lou_dun02  
2408.pngShackles   Zerom    
  Skeleton Prisoner    
  Zombie Prisoner    
  Solid Zombie Prisoner gl_prison  
2407.pngCrystal Pumps   Marionette    
  Marionette Ringleader gl_in01  
2409.pngHigh Heels   Carat    
  Elusive Carat gl_cas01  
2420.pngAngel's Reincarnation [1]   Vocal    
22188.pngSafety Boots [1]   Sieglouse    
22194.pngLoli Ruri's Shoes [1]   Loli Ruri    
22175.pngDesert Leather Boots [1]   Desert Sandman    
  Desert Phreeoni    
22176.pngDesert Leather Sandals [1]   Desert Hode    
  Desert Sandman    
22177.pngDesert Leather Shoes [1]   Desert Hode    
  Desert Sandman    
  Desert Phreeoni