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The world is already full of negativity and bad stuff... but in our server, we just want a nice community.


  • The following rules are subject to changes and will be updated as the GM Team see fit.
  • Failure in complying to the rules will result in a punishment depending on the severity of the offense, which may include a permanent account ban.


  • Respect others in all game interactions. This includes other players and the GM Team.
  • A basic proficiency in English is required as the server's primary language is English. Moreover, all of the server's features and content is in English.
  • All public channels (Global, Trade, Recruit, Help) are strictly English only platforms.
  • Spamming in these channels are prohibited.
  • Content broadcasted in the channels should be relevant to the channel's purpose.
  • Mentioning (and promotion) of other servers (aside from official servers) is prohibited.
  • Profanity, Insults, racism, sexism, excessive swearing or any other offensive comments or harassment whether in public chat, channels, private messages, character names, pet names, party names, guild names, guild title, guild emblem and shop names is strictly prohibited.
  • Impersonation other players, or the GM Team (attempted or actual) is strictly prohibited.
  • Making statements on behalf of another player or the GM Team is strictly prohibited unless prior endorsement is obtained.
  • Making and spreading unofficial and false statements, rumors, and negative energy is stricly prohibited.


  • Real Money Transaction (RMT) is strictly prohibited. 
  • Mention of conducting RMT (whether as a joke or otherwise) is prohibited.
  • This applies to outside the game platforms as well.
  • Removed since 2020.11.01. You are allowed to RMT in Ragna0.
  • From 2021.01.01 you are ONLY allowed to make ZENY RMT Trades.
  • If you report with valid evidence of someone who tries to SELL ACCOUNT or ITEMs, the REPORTER will receive those ACCOUNT and ITEM for FREE.


  • Item/Account sharing is discouraged and at the player's risk.
  • Claims of Item loss or character deletion due to account sharing may not entertained by the GM Team.

Bug Abuse

  • Bug exploitation (intentional or not) is prohibited.
  • Attempting to bypass intended reward restriction (e.g. getting daily attendance reward more than once per day) is prohibited.
  • A bug must be reported immediately to a GM Team via private message on Forums or in Discord.


  • Give misleading information to benefit from another player in an unfair way.
  • Trying to talk into a false deal or unfair deal to gain zeny or other benefits.
  • Trying to obtain other player's personal information include account / passwords.
  • Making tricks in trades, drops and other tricks to unfairly obtain items or zeny from others.

3rd Party Software

  • Usage of any third-party or macro software or scripts to automate gameplay is prohibited.
  • Modification of game files is prohibited.

Vending & Chatboxes

  • Positioning a shop or chatbox in such a way that hinders the visibility of a NPC or portal is prohibited.
  • Market manipulation and misleading price tags to trick the market economy.



  • MvPs are considered free-for-all.
    • Any behaviour that is perceived to annoy / disturb other players from killing MvP is also allowed.
    • If you disturb or annoy other people without the clear intent of also killing the MvP it will be considered Griefing and punishment will be applied.
    • Minibosses are NOT subject to this rule and are protected by @noks, if you see someone else killing a miniboss, even if they're not actively tanking it, but kiting it around, punishment will be aplied.
    • If you do anything to hinder the attempt, or steal that monster somehow punishment will be applied(this only applies to minibosses).
  • We do not handle reports about "Kill Steal", use the command @noks which protects 1 monster that you are hitting and the monsters that deals damage to you.
    • We do not recommend "mobbing", If you are mobbing and someone kills the monsters, that is not against any rules, we only protect 1 monster per player, using @noks.
  • Do not farm while being AFK (this includes macros, using reflect gears, etc), active interaction is required while farming. 
    • If you are farming, and someone speaking to you were you are not showing any responses back to the chat, makes you an AFK farmer.



  • Rules are not limited to the ones stated here. Just because an action is not specifically mentioned does not mean it is allowed. Use your common sense.
  • Assisting & tolerating rule breaking is prohibited.
  • Players are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour to the GM Teams via forums or discord.
  • Punishment & resolution are subject the the GM Team's discretion.
  • Any attempt to bend those rules with any kind of grammar trick or feigning ignorance about misinterpretation of the rules won't make the offense go away, and instead aggravate any infraction