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Ragna0 is a free Ragnarok Online MMORPG server. 

It distinguishes itself by being a Zero mechanism server, it is a light version of Renewal, introduced by kRO in 2018.

A perfect server for those who feel overwhelmed by Renewal massive content and power creep.

Having implemented Zero-exclusive features such as Fever maps & Optioned equipment, Ragna0 aims to progressivly follow the official content updates.

In addition, Ragna0 also adopts customized features to improve the player's quality of life and adds to the enjoyment.


Basic Settings

Mechanism: Zero
Base Exp: 20x
Job Exp: 20x
Item Drop: 3x
Card Drop: 10x
MvP Card Drop: 1x
Max Level: 130 / 70
Max Stats: 120
Max ASPD: 192
Death Exp Penalty: 10%
Minimum Skill After Cast Delay: 100 ms
Max Zeny per Character: 1,000,000,000
Vending Town: Alberta
Vending Tax: 5%
Character Del Delay: 24 Hours


Informational Commands

@who Displays a list of online players.
@commands Shows a list of available commands.
@rates Displays server rates settings in details.
@showdelay Shows skill delay failures.
@mobinfo Combine with monster id to display info.
@iteminfo Combine with item id to display info.
@ii2 Combine with item id to display info.
@whodrops Combine with item id to display info.
@time Display the accurate server time.
@jailtime Displays player remaining jail time.
@showexp Shows EXP.
@battlestats Shows your current detailed stats.
@instance Shows available instances.
@inscd Shows the cool down of instances.
@played Displays total game time of your Account.
@hidepet To hide all pets on your screen, yours and others.
@hominfo To display homunculous details.


Feature Commands

@hello / @hi Personal assistance with various guidelines!
@noask To block trade & guild requests.
@noks Enable anti Kill steal protection for 1 monster that you are dealing damage to and to the monsters that are dealing damage to you. (MvP excluded)
@arealoot Enable automatic looting items on the floor when picking up 1 item.
@autotrade Enable offline vending in Vending Cellar Prontera.
@request Send a message to online GMs.
@changedress Removes all character costumes.
@refresh Gives your client a refresh from effects.
@lgp Enabled cell check
@square Enable square cell check 1 to 14
@circle Enable circle cell check


Channel Commands

@join Joins the specified channel. Ex: @join #french
@channel leave Leaves the specified channel. Ex: @channel leave #french
@channel list Displays a list of available channels
@trd Send message to Trade channel.
@hlp Send a message to Help channel.
@glb Send a message to Global channel.
@rec Send a message to Recruit channel.


VIP Player Commands

@go Warps to predefined locations in major cities.
@autoloot Enables or disables autolooting items from killed mobs.

Starts or stops autolooting a specified item.

Typing "reset" will clear the autoloot item list.
By default, 10 items can be autolooted at one time.

@autoloottype Starts or stops autolooting a specified item type.
Type List: healing = 0, usable = 2, etc = 3, weapon = 4, armor = 5, card = 6, petegg = 7, petarmor = 8, ammo = 10
Typing "reset" will clear the autoloot item list.

Sets the client font.

Available types:
-- 0: Default
-- 1: RixLoveangel
-- 2: RixSquirrel
-- 3: NHCgogo
-- 4: RixDiary
-- 5: RixMiniHeart
-- 6: RixFreshman
-- 7: RixKid
-- 8: RixMagic
-- 9: RixJJangu


Client Commands

!vsync To remove limit of FPS 60
!ping To test your ping and packet stability to the server.


Content Timeline

This post serves the purpose of giving players a hunch of what's coming to Ragna0 in the future.

The text marked in green means Ragna0 Lif has the content or is coming asap.

The text marked in red means Ragna0 Lif will not implement.

All Town updates have quest revamped from "Renewal and Pre-Renewal" servers, it's all unique experiences exclusive to Ragna0 Zero.






kRO:Z content release Timeline

  • 2017.11.22 Poring Village
  • 2017.11.22 Orc's Memory
  • 2017.11.22 Prontera Culvert Instance
  • 2018.01.30 Ant Hell Instance
  • 2018.01.30 Izlude Dungeon Instance
  • 2018.01.30 Sociaty Instances
  • 2018.01.31 Glast Heim Fever
  • 2018.02.05 Clock Tower Fever
  • 2018.05.05 Guild Dungeons
  • 2018.05.21 Amatsu
  • 2018.03.23 Louyang
  • 2018.06.27 Yuno
    • Magma Dungeon F3
  • 2018.09.05 Malangdo Island
    • Malangdo island mini games
    • Malangdo dungeon F1 and F2
  • 2018.10.24 Hugel
    • Hugel monster race
    • Abyss Dungeon F1 to F4 Fever
    • Odin Temple
  • 2018.11.28 Odin Temple Past Instance Fever
  • 2018.12.26 Einbroch
    • Many new weapons + enchants
    • Einbech dungeon F1 to F3 Fever
  • 2019.01.30 Lighthaltzen
    • Many quests
    • Biolab unique Zero experience
  • 2019.05.29 Gonryun
    • New Dungeon + hats
  • 2019.08.28 Old Glastheim instance
  • 2019.09.25 Traces of Heroes - Faceworm instance
  • 2019.11.27 Traces of Heroes - Sarah's Memory instance
  • 2019.12.24 Thanatos Tower Instance
  • 2020.04.14 Geffen Night Arena
  • 2020.06.03 Destroyed Morocc Memory
  • 2020.09.23 Ayothaya
  • 2020.12.22 Illusion of Moonlight

kRO:Z System update Time Lines

  • 2018.01.30 Item Memorial Dungeon equipment
    • aka expedition gears and enchants
  • 2018.02.28 Cute Pet Updates
    • Pet Evolution
  • 2018.02.28 Hat combination quests
    • kRO:Z exclusive hats
  • 2018.04.03 Localization items Louyang+Amatsu weapons
  • 2018.08.07 God Item Creation Quest
    • 4 god items 
  • 2018.12.26 Transcendent System Max level 120 Trans jobs.
  • 2019.02.12  Massive Costume Exchange system
    • Using Gelstar = Cash
  • 2019.02.20 Costume recycle system
    • Exchange 10 costumes into 1 box of costumes
  • 2019.03.13 Effect Stone introduction
    • A special stone obtained related to recycle and gelstar to attach no 4th slot of CE Top hat.
  • 2019.05.21 Cooking system updates
    • Made it easier to cook.

How we work?

  1. We play in kRO:Z
  2. Find info, watch videos and discuss with other kRO:z players for extra information.
  3. Do the quests, and document.
  4. Translate all NPC dialogs.
  5. Start script from scratch.
  6. Test everything.
  7. Patch release.
  8. Possible bug fixes.