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Ragna0 is a free Ragnarok Online MMORPG server. 

It distinguishes itself by being a Zero-based server. Not Renewal, Not Classic, Not Revo-Classic but simply, Zero.

Ragnarok Zero is a new version of the game officially revamped in 2018. It introduces skill rebalances, using renewal game mechanics and monster spawns.

Having implemented Zero-exclusive features such as Fever Field & Optioned Equipment, Ragna0 aims to catch up to the current official Zero in terms of features & content.

In addition, Ragna0 also adopts customized features to improve the player's quality of life and adds to the enjoyment, such as events.

General Settings

Mode: Zero
Base Exp: 5x
Job Exp: 5x
Item Drop: 3x
Max Level: 99
Max Stats: 99
Max ASPD: 190
Death Exp Penalty: 5%
Minimum Skill After Cast Delay: 300ms
Max Zeny per Character: 1,000,000,000
Vending Town: Alberta
Vending Tax: 5%
Character Del Delay: 24 Hours


Informational Commands
@who Displays a list of online players.
@commands Shows a list of available commands.
@rates Displays server rates settings in details.
@showdelay Shows skill delay failures.
@mobinfo Combine with monster id to display info.
@iteminfo Combine with item id to display info.
@ii2 Combine with item id to display info.
@whodrops Combine with item id to display info.
@time Display the accurate server time.
@jailtime Displays player remaining jail time.
@showexp Shows EXP.


Feature Commands
@hello Personal assistance with various guidelines!
@noask To block trade & guild requests.
@noks Enable anti Kill steal protection for 1 monster.
@arealoot Enable automatic looting items on the floor when picking up 1 item.
@autotrade Enable offline vending.
@request Send a message to online GMs.
@changedress Removes all character costumes.


Chatting Commands
@trd Send message to Trade channel.
@hlp Send a message to Help channel.
@glb Send a message to Global channel.
@rec Send a message to Recruit channel.


Ragnarok Zero Skill Changes

These changes are based on the Ragnarok Zero version of the game released in Korea in 2018.

1st Classes

Class Skill Changes
Swordsman Magnum Break Magnum Break
  • Skill delay is reduced from 2 seconds to 0.5 seconds, and Skill Cooldown of 2 seconds is added.
Merchant Crazy Uproar Crazy Uproar
  • Fixed casting will be added for 0.3 second and cast 1 second, which will increase the STR of your party and nearby party members by 4 and ATK by 30.
  • Skill cooldown of 30 seconds will be added.
  • Fire Bolt Fire Bolt
  • Cold Bolt Cold Bolt
  • Lightning Bolt Lightning Bolt
  • Fixed cast increases from 0.88 seconds to 1.2 seconds at Level 10.
  • Variable casting is reduced from 3.52 seconds at 10th level to 3.2 seconds.
  • Skill delay is greatly reduced.
Thunderstorm Thunderstorm
  • Fixed cast is slightly reduced from 1.6 seconds to 1.5 seconds at Level 10.
  • The variable cast is reduced to 4.5 seconds from 6.4 seconds at Level 10.
Fire Ball Fire Ball
  • Fixed casting and cast Level 1 to 5 are changed to 0.2 seconds / 0.8 seconds for each level, same as level 6 ~ 10.
  • Skill Delay decreases to 0.7 seconds regardless of skill level.
Soul Strike Soul Strike
  • Skill delay changed to 1.4 seconds (reduced from 2.5 seconds to 1.4 seconds for 10 levels).
Frost Diver Frost Diver
  • Skill delay is reduced from 1.5 seconds to 0.5 seconds.
Acolyte Blessing Blessing
  • Depending on the skill level, an additional effect of increasing HIT is added.
Increase AGI Increase AGI
  • Depending on the skill level, attack speed increase (delay after attack) effect is added.
Angelus Angelus
  • Depending on the skill level, the effect of increasing the MHP of the target is added.
Holy Light Holy Light
  • Fixed Casting and Variable Casting are reduced by 50%.

More skill description and details are posted under individual job guides here on this wiki.