Sarah's Memory

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When Sarah Irine was only 4 years old, a terrible tragedy took place in her home: her mother was struck down by an assailant.

The only suspect was her father Lord Irine, who claims to have defeated the one who attacked her mother.

Too shocked and afraid by the sight of her dying mother, little Sarah is not convinced and flees while Payon guards chase her down.

  • Requirement: 100+
  • Instance Reset: 00:01 Server Time Daily
  • Instance Time Limit: 1 Hour
  • Disabled skills
    • Spider Web
    • Redemptio
    • Ice Wall
    • Teleport
    • Intimidate

Entrance NPC

Dimensional Shifter

Take the Dimensional Shifter located in Prontera or some other towns to enter Dimensional Rift.

Explorer Tiger

Explorer Tiger, gives you a quest into Sarah's Memory.
/navi dali 130/107

Instance Rewards

  • Clearing the instance, you can claim reward from Magic Scholar.
  • Instance Speed Run Record holder receives weekly reward of 4 27087.pngJelstar on Monday reset.
  • First time complete, gives you following reward.
  • Daily quests will give you total of following reward.

Instance Monsters

Monster Name Rare Drops

Guard Dog

Guard Dog

Guard Dog

Guard Dog

Payon Soldier

Payon Soldier

Payon Soldier

Payon Soldier

Irene Elder

Irene Elder

Merchant NPC

NPC Available Items


Snake and Smart Vending Machine

/navi dali 134/117


Rift Stone Vending Machine

Rift Stone Vending Machine

/navi dali 111/96

Dimensional Enchanter

NPC Possible Enchants

Enchanter Sally

Enchanter Sally
/navi dali 109/96

Enchant Fee: 75000 zeny + 20x 1000229.pngDimensional Stone + 3x 1000239.pngDimensional Jewel

Apply extra enchants on your Dimensional Armors

450138.pngRuneforged Robe450137.pngTime Dripped Mail

450136.pngDimension Dripped Mail450139.pngCrackforged Dripped Mail

Enchant Reset
  • 200000 zeny = 80% success (fail destroys armor)
  • 30x 1000229.pngDimensional Stone = 80% success (keeps armor)
  • 10x 27087.pngJelstar = 100% success