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PvP stands for Player vs Player, where players can battle each other and in Ragna0 we have specific rooms for PvP.

There is NPC who can warp you into the selected PvP Room.


  • Enter the any Room for 1000 Zeny.
  • PvP Arena

PvP Ranking

Our server has a weekly PvP competition.

  • The PvP Event occurs every 2 hours at minute 15, example 00:15, 02:15, 04:15.
  • During the PvP Event, you receive points, the more points the higher rank.
  • Talk to the PvP Arena PvP and choose [Event] Map to participate.
  • The PvP ranking resets on every Monday.
  • Top 3 players receives rewards.
  • Current awesome reward is 5x 27494.pngEagle Egg Scroll.

Click here for ranking page