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Payon Mini Map


Payon is an immense village built on the edge of a mountain. The city is safe from outside invaders with the blessing of being surrounded by forests. Their unique architecture reflects the use of wood only available in their surrounding forests.

The Archer Village and the Hunter Guild are in the vicinity and there is word going around that monster forms of tigers and nine-tailed fox appear in the forest and caves.

Payon is located on a mountain next to the ocean. Thick forests border the village on one side while steep cliffs overlooking a raging river border the other side. Bridges of brick and stone span across the chasm between Payon and the land across the river. Not only do the bridges provide a means of travel to other towns, they also serve as defense mechanisms with turrets lining the walls.

Daily Quests

NPCs Requirements 1st Time Reward Daily Reward

Middle Aged Man


Worried Lady



  • Base Level 15+
  • Hunt 10x Spores

Cave Guard


Cave Guard

  • Need to do Eden Quest (Reno)
  • Base Level 50+
  • 15x 609.pngAmulet

Buddhist Priest

  • Base Level 50+
  • 10x 25080.pngFox Bead 
    • (Nine Tail drop)

Wandering Monk


Young Bachelor


Forest Cenna

Forest Dorry

  • Base Level 30+
  • Hunt 20x Horns

Forest Kars