Orcs Memory

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Dive into the memory of Orcs, pursuit the Fake Orc Hero that ones misled the Orcs Tribe into war.

  • Requirement: Base Level 60+
  • Instance Reset: 00:01 Server Time Daily
  • Instant Reset Fee: 500,000z or 5x 27087.pngJelstar
  • Instance Time Limit: 1 Hour
  • Disabled skills
    • Spider Web
    • Redemptio
    • Ice Wall
    • Teleport
    • Intimidate

Entrance NPC

Calm Scientist

/navi gef_fild10 231/203

Calm Scientist will be able to send you into Orc's Memory.

Instance Rewards

  • Clearing the instance will spawn a treasure chest full of rewards.
  • Instance Clearing Record holder receives weekly reward.


Instance Monsters

Monster Names Rare Drops
  • None

Fallen Orc Hero

Fake Orc Hero