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Morroc Mini Map
Population 90+
Rewards Overview

Base & Job EXP



Morroc is an oasis town located in Rune-Midgarts. Built in the midst of the Sograt Desert, it is an essential stop for traders in the middle of the continent. They have an advanced Dyeing and Precious Metal refining industry and the area is governed separately by a chief. The cheerful and optimistic nature of the townspeople sometimes baffle visitors with their slow actions.

Monsters have started to inhabit the Sphinx and Pyramids nearby. Adventurers are starting to crowd the place after hearing the news.

According to rumors, the Thief Guild and Assassins Guild are based nearby in the midst of sand storms.

Morroc City is a desert city in the southwest part of the Midgard continent. This area does not get a lot of water due to being located in the center of the desert.

In the past, cities were established near the center of the Oasis, and there were no issues with the water supply. However, since the Oasis dried up after the revival of Surt, they were forced to use an artificial oasis which was created from the massive Iris Lake eventually located between Prontera and Morroc.


NPCs Requirements Rewards


  • Base Level 15+
  • Give him water, collected nearby.
  • 5x 904.pngScorpion Tail


  • Base Level 15+
  • Collect some Cactus sap
Lost Scholar
  • Base Level 55+
  • Two quests

Daily Quests

NPCs Requirements 1st Time Reward Daily Reward

Old Lady

  • Base & Job EXP

Underground Bar


Bartender, selling drinks for customers.

Black Marketeer

Selling Buying Shop scrolls.


Morroc Ingame Screenshot