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A list of Maces dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1502.pngClub [4]

1-20 Fabre Navigation
1-20 Lunatic Navigation
1-20 Fabre Ringleader pay_fild03
1-20 Solid Fabre prt_fild06
1-20 Roda Frog Navigation
41-60 Greatest General Navigation
41-60 Swiftr Greatest General pay_fild10

1505.pngMace [4]

1-20 Zombie Navigation
1-20 Weak Skeleton Navigation
1-20 Spore Navigation
21-40 Skeleton Navigation

1508.pngSmasher [3]

21-40 Muka Navigation
41-60 Goblin 4 Navigation
41-60 Shellfish Navigation
41-60 Frilldora Navigation
61-99 Horong Navigation
61-99 Petit (Sky) Navigation

1511.pngFlail [3]

21-40 Eclipse Navigation
21-40 Martin Navigation
41-60 Goblin 2 Navigation
41-60 Vadon Navigation
41-60 Aster Navigation
41-60 Baphomet Jr Navigation
61-99 Deviling Navigation
61-99 Pasana Navigation

1514.pngMorning Star [2]

41-60 Marse Navigation
61-99 Ghoul Navigation
61-99 Zerom Navigation
61-99 Joker Navigation
61-99 Neraid Navigation

1517.pngSword Mace [1]

41-60 Argos Navigation
41-60 Zenorc Navigation
61-99 Strouf Navigation
61-99 Dokebi Navigation
61-99 Furious Dokebi pay_dun04
61-99 Wild Rose Navigation
61-99 Permeter Navigation
61-99 Medusa Navigation
61-99 Khalitzburg Navigation

1520.pngChain [3]

21-40 Familiar Navigation
21-40 Piere Navigation
21-40 Thara Frog Navigation
41-60 Marine Sphere Navigation
41-60 Mobster Navigation
61-99 Steam Goblin Navigation


Boss Osiris moc_pryd04

1529.pngIron Driver

Boss Turtle General tur_dun04

1525.pngLong Mace

Boss Moonlight Flower pay_dun04

1524.pngGolden Mace [1]

Boss Golden Thief Bug prt_sewb4


Boss Maya anthell02

16086.pngSapphire Staff

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

16077.pngOrcish Mace [1]

Fever Dark Orc Baby Navigation
Fever Dark Orc Lady Navigation
Fever Boss Dark Orc Lord gef_fild02

16080.pngOrcish Smasher [1]

Fever Dark Orc Warrior Navigation

16078.pngOak Mace [3]

Fever Dark Willow Navigation
Fever Dark Spore Navigation

16079.pngOak Stunner [1]

Fever Dark Willow Navigation

16090.pngMeteor Hammer [1]

Fever Dimik 1 Navigation

16091.pngFlaming Mace [1]

Fever Grizzly Navigation

16083.pngEarth Dragon's Mace [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

16084.pngYin Yang Mace [2]

Regional NPC Louyang
16097.pngMirage Mace [2] Fever Holy Skogul Navigation
Fever Holy Frus Navigation