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Lutie Mini Map
Rewards Overview

Base & Job EXP



Lutie is a holiday town based on Christmas. Adventurers used to be able reach it via Kafra's teleport services, but now they can reach it with help from Santa Claus himself.

Santa's home lies right in the middle of Lutie with the town square to the south of it. To the north is the Toy Factory, Santa's workshop. Snow blankets the entire region.

In a place distant from the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, there is a region where white snow falls year-round. There are no official trades with the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom, but it was introduced by an adventurer before. The small community survives by hunting animals in the surrounding areas. The only trade exists to sell the toys made in the underground toy factory.

Then there was an upheaval. A villager, Antonio, was a greedy and rash man. When he didn`t become the next village leader, he decided to take revenge and run away with all the toys that were made in the toy factory. When the villagers found out, they were saddened thinking of all the toys that were made for children`s happiness. The villagers decided to request help from the Kafra Headquarters, with whom they did many trades with.


NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Fighting Sasquatches


  • Base Level 50+

Snowman's Secret


  • Base Level 10+