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Lighthalzen Mini Map


The city-state of Lighthalzen is a prosperous city grown on the success of its scientists.

The Rekenber Corporation disputably wields tremendous influence and responsibility in Lighthalzen. For security reasons, the movement of Rekenbar employees--and almost all of Lighthalzen's citizens--is strictly regulated. Also, visitors must prove their identity or they will be denied entrance into Lighthalzen. Despite these controls, the Rekenbar Corporation enjoys a sterling reputation because of the prosperity it has brought to the city and its non-discriminatory employment policy which provides all citizens of Lighthalzen an opportunity to share in its success.

Lighthalzen is officially divided into a Commercial District and Residential District.

The Rekenbar Corporation Hotel stands proudly in the center of the Residential District and is surrounded by the Plaza, the Park, and various houses.

The Commercial District contains the Rekenbar Headquarters, the Bank, various trading centers, and the Airport where travelers can learn helpful information about the Schwarzwald Republic. Lighthalzen also houses the headquarters for the Alchemist Guild, which handles the transport of freights at the Train Station and is situated in the eastern part of Lightalzen.

Long ago, the area nestled between the valleys and gorges of the Schwarzwald Republic was but a humble mountain village notable only for the Lighthal Scientific Research Center. Zenit Zerter Lighthal, one of the leading scientists at the time, founded the Lighthal Laboratory. When the Rekenber Corporation gained ownership of all the village property and the adjacent land 500 years ago, it began construction of the luxorious Lighthalzen that we know today.

Despite the near impossibility of developing a city on rough, rocky terrain, the Rekenber Corporation invested vast sums of money into erecting Lighthalzen. In fact, Lighthalzen's prosperity and position as the commercial center of the Schwarzwald Republic can be attributed to Rekenbar's efforts and the invention of the interregional transportation in its country.

At first, Lighthalzen's slums were the only vestige of the small mountain village that existed before the city was built. Although initially small in size, this impoverished sector grew as more people sold their land to Rekenber or were found ineligible to live in the Residential District. Although the Rekenber Corporation provides employment opportunities in the slums as part of its poor relief program, it also prohibits Lighthalzen's citizens from traveling between the slums and the affluent areas.


NPC Info Rewards

Trivial Connection


  • Need: Level 100+
  • Unlocks 2 quests
  • Some Base EXP


Young Man

  • Need: Trivial Connection
  • Good EXP
  • 1x 7350.pngPass

Biolab Entrance


  • Need: Trivial Connection
  • Access to Biolab
  • 1x 2657.pngLaboratory Permit
  • Unlocks 1 Quest
  • Some Base EXP


Ordinary Man

Cursed Spirits

Cursed Spirits

  • Need: President
  • Have 1 Handcuff in inventory.
  • Good EXP
  • Consumable

Mission Rekenber


  • Need: Cursed Spirits
  • Good EXP
  • Consumable
  • 1 Daily quest unlocked

Rekenber Brotherhood

Old Man

Bio Researcher


Daily Quests

NPC Info Rewards

Ladies concerns


Repear Valley


Bridge construction


Biolab B2 Cleanse

Professor Dalen

Biolab B1 and B3 Cleanse

Traces of Fire

Collect Evidence


Conqueror's Legendary Gear Crafting

Mystic Man

Mystic Man in Lighthalzen can craft Conqueror's Legendary equipment.

Bodygears Requirements
15413.pngConqueror's Legendary Robe [1]
15414.pngConqueror's Legendary Dress [1]
15415.pngConqueror's Legendary Mail [1]
15416.pngConqueror's Legendary Cloth [1]
Garments Requirements
20958.pngConqueror's Legendary Cloak [1]
20959.pngConqueror's Legendary Cape [1]
20960.pngConqueror's Legendary Scarf [1]
20961.pngConqueror's Legendary Scout Cloak [1]
Footgears Requirements
22217.pngConqueror's Legendary Boots [1]
22218.pngConqueror's Legendary Greaves [1]
22219.pngConqueror's Legendary Sandals [1]
22220.pngConqueror's Legendary Shoes [1]
Accessories Requirements
32254.pngConqueror's Legendary Ring [1]
32255.pngConqueror's Legendary Necklace [1]
32256.pngConqueror's Legendary Magic Ring [1]
32257.pngConqueror's Legendary Gloves [1]


Conqueror's Legendary Gear Enchanting

Magician Jenny

Magician Jenny can empower your Conqueror's Legendary Bodygears with enchants.

Enchant slot 4 and slot 3

Enchant slot 2



Possible enchants under +9:

Possible enchants refined +9:

Possible enchants:
Zeny Enchant Reset Material Enchant Reset Zelstar Enchant Reset
  • Costs 100000 zeny
  • Has 30% chance to fail and break the item.
  • Costs 5x 6470.pngBlood Thirst
  • Has 30% chance to fail but won't braek the item.
  • Costs 10x 27087.pngZelstar
  • Has 0% to fail, always success reset.

9542.pngWarrior's Lockbox

Contains one of following