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Knights are more geared towards sword and spear techniques and are trained to endure larger amounts of damage. They mainly serve the king of Rune Midgard and are the first line of defense for the kingdom.

Prontera's Order of the Knights are the most well-known order of Knights in Rune-Midgarts. Many Swordsmen from all over come to Prontera in hopes of joining its ranks. Those who swear allegiance to the king and act only in accordance with the Knights have the ability to move at high speed on the Pecopeco. Swordsmen with a form of defense and physical attack more powerful than the threat of weak enemies to the king. Against the enemy, they set their arms. Fast maneuvers and the various physical attacking skills never before existed give them extraordinary ability to fight.


Job Change Quests

Job Tree

Basic 1st Job 2nd Job
Novice Swordman Knight
Novice Swordman Knight
Max 10 Job Levels Max 50 Job Levels Max 50 Job Levels



Skill Tree

1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Description Cast Time
Basic_Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive
  • Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills.
  • (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.)


First_Aid.png First Aid  (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.


Sword_Mastery.png Sword Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increase One-Handed Sword and Dagger class weapons damage.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level.


Two-Handed_Sword_Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increase Two-Handed Sword class weapons damage.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level.


Increase_HP_Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery 10 Passive
  • Restores HP every 10 seconds while idle.
  • MaxHP affects how much HP restoration is increased by this skill.
  • (5 HP + 0.2% of MaxHP) * Skill Level. 


Bash.png Bash 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single
  • Hits an enemy with crushing force. If Fatal Blow skill is learned, Bash will have an added Stun effect at level 6 and higher.
  • Damage +130% + (30% * Skill Level)
  • HIT rate +5% * Skill Level
Magnum_Break.png Magnum Break 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single
  • Use 30 SP to inflict Fire elemental damage on 5x5 AoE around the caster and push them 2 cells backward.
  • For 10 sec after Magmum Break, caster's weapon will receive 20% Fire elemental attack enhancement.
  • Damage +120% +(20% * Skill Level)
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 1700ms
Provoke.png Provoke 10 Supportive
  • Type: Debuff
  • Target: Single
  • Enrages a target, reducing Defense by VIT on Player and physical defense on Monster, while increasing its attack power.
  • Can't be used on Undead and Boss monsters.
  • Damage +2% + (3% * Skill Level)
  • Defense -5% - (5% * Skill Level)


Endure.png Endure 10 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Enables attacking and moving while receiving damage, but not effective when attacked by magic and offensive skills. 
  • Endure status will be cancelled after caster is hit by 7 attacks.
  • Has no effect in War of Emperium area.
  • Mdef +1 * Skill Level
  • Cool Down: 10000ms
Berserk.png Auto Berserk (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Empowered by rage, character enter condition that is equivalent to level 10 Provoke status when HP is reduced to less than 25% of MaxHP.
  • Provoked status last until character HP is restored to more than 25% of MaxHP or if Provoke effect is nullified.
Fatal_Blow.png Fatal Blow (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Causes stun status on targeted enemy when using Level 6 Bash or higher. 
  • The chance of inflicing Stun increases with Bash skill level and Base Level of the caster.


Fatal_Blow.png Moving HP Recovery (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Enables natural recovery of HP while moving.
  • Only 25% of the HP that is naturally recovered while standing is restored during movement. 
  • The Increase Recovery skill does not affect HP recovery while moving.


2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Description Cast Time
Twohand_Quicken.png Two-Hand Quicken 10 Supportive
  • Type: Buff
  • Requires: Two-handed Sword
  • Temporary increase attack speed, critical hit rate and HIT for the duration of the skill.
  • The effect will be cancelled when caster remove weapon or change weapon with non-Two-handed Sword type.
  • Quagmire and Decrease Agility skills can also release the skill effect.
  • CRIT +2 + (1 * Skill Level)
  • HIT +2 * Skill Level
  • ASPD +10%
Counter_Attack.png Auto Counter 5 Offensive
  • Target: Self/Enemy
  • After receiving melee damage from an enemy, automatically retaliate with a mighty Critical attack.
Bowling_Bash.png Bowling Bash 10 Offensive
  • Target: Single
  • Strikes enemy with two massive forces, causing it to tumble away and damage other enemies that happen to be in its path of 5x5 cells.
  • If casted with Two-handed Sword, total hits are increased up to 4 depending on the numbers of the targets within effect area.
  • Fixed Cast Time: 350ms
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 2000ms
Peco_Peco_Ride.png Riding 1 Passive
  • Enables riding of Peco Peco.
Cavalier_Mastery.png Cavalry Mastery 5 Passive
  • Increases attack speed while riding on Peco Peco.
  • Mastering this skill raises attack speed so that attack speed reduction while mounted on a Peco Peco is fully nullified.
  • Attack Speed 50% + (10% * Skill Level)
Spear_Boomerang.png Spear Boomerang 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Ranged
  • Target: Single
  • Requires: Spear
  • Throws a spear at a target inflicting long range physical damage.
  • At level 1, this skill only inflicts melee physical damage.
  • Damage +100% + (50% * Skill Level)
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 1000ms
Spear_Mastery.png Spear Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increase Spear class damage.
  • When riding Peco Peco it will add bonus damage by 1 per skill level.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level
Pierce.png Pierce 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single
  • Requires: Spear
  • Attacks enemy using a thrusting stab with a number of additional hits that depends on the target's size.
  • When used, HIT rate is increased based on skill level.
  • Small Monster: 1 Hit
  • Medium Monster: 2 Hits
  • Large Monster: 3 Hits
  • Damage +100% + (10% * Skill Level)
  • HIT rate +5% * Skill Level
Spear_Stab.png Spear Stab 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Ranged
  • Target: Single
  • Requires: Spear
  • Deeply pierces a target with spear, inflicting long range physical damage to all enemies between caster and target, then knocking them 6 cells backward.
  • Damage +100% + (20% * Skill Level)
Brandish_Spear.png Brandish Spear 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Ranged
  • Target: Single
  • Requires: Mounted & Spear
  • Swings a spear with powerful force from the distance that will inflict physical damage to a target and its surrounding.
  • Selected target acts as the center of area of damage.
  • STR affects damage inflicted.
  • When used, character will be unable to change weapon for a short duration.
  • Damage +400% + (100% * Skill Level)
  • Fixed Cast Time: 350ms
  • Cool Down: 2000ms
Charge_Attack.png Charge Attack (Quest) 1 Offensive
  • Target: Single
  • Charges towards distance enemy.
  • The futher the enemy is, the stronger the attack becomes.
  • Variable Cast Time: 250ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 250ms
One-Hand Quicken.png One Hand Quicken (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Requires Knight Spirit link buff. (Not available in Zero)
  • Increase attack speed of One-Handed Sword.