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The Kingdom has assigned each Job guild extra supplies of equipment to help the newer adventurer's with their exploration of the world.

Using the 25398.pngKingdom Guild Coin, you can exchange for cool equipment and enchants.


Kingdom Guild NPCs

There are 7 Kingdom Guilds called Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Acolyte, Mage, Archer and Ninja.
Each location has their respective NPCs.

A daily quest NPC, equipment store and enchantment.

Kingdom Guild NPCs


NPC Description

Guild Coordinator

Guild Cordinator

  • Each guild coordinator gives out different daily quests.
  • Earn 25398.pngKingdom Guild Coin by completing the quests.

Guild Trader I

Guild Trader 1

Guild Trade II

Guild Trader 2

Guild Shaman

Guild Shaman

  • Offers enchanting services for your LOW GRADE Kingdom equipment (Prontera Castle for HIGH GRADE)
  • 1 enchant costs 1 25398.pngKingdom Guild Coin.
  • Enchant reset costs 1 25398.pngKingdom Guild Coin.
  • There is a small chance for equipment to be destroyed during enchantment.
  • Can obtain max 1 of the following enchants:

Guild Trainer

Each Kingdom Guild has their own trainer, offering special place for low level players to practise.

The trainer can warp you to a place for players under level 21.

Guild Trainer