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A list of Katars dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1251.pngJur [3]

21-40 Martin Navigation
21-40 Solid Martin mjo_dun04
61-99 Sageworm Navigation
61-99 Assaulter Navigation

1253.pngKatar [2]

61-99 Chimera Navigation
61-99 Alice Navigation

1255.pngJamadhar [1]

61-99 Brilight Navigation
61-99 Quve Navigation

1256.pngKatar of Frozen Icicle

41-60 Deviace Navigation
Boss Garm Navigation

1257.pngKatar of Quaking

41-60 Sandman Navigation
41-60 Furious Sandman moc_fild16

1258.pngKatar of Raging Blaze

61-99 Penomena Navigation
61-99 Furious Penomena alde_dun03
Boss Eddga pay_fild10
61-99 Jennifer Navigation

1259.pngKatar of Piercing Wind

61-99 Joker Navigation

1260.pngSharpened Legbone of Ghoul

61-99 Ghoul Navigation


61-99 Nightmare Navigation

28032.pngPrison Watcher [1]

Fever Injustice Navigation

28034.pngEarth Dragon's Katar [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

28035.pngYin Yang Katar [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

28041.pngSandy Lake [1]

Fever Boss Giant Octopus Navigation