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Izlude Mini Map
Population 50+
Rewards Overview

Base & Job EXP



Izlude is the satellite town of Prontera and is home to the Swordsman Association.

King Tristan Gaebolg III built an arena to promote professionals throughout the nation. Even now, many skilled adventurers gather here to show off their talents.

Izlude is located directly southeast of Prontera and functions as the capital's port of trade and as a first line of defense against naval attacks. It has docks for both water bound ships and airships, allowing adventurers to travel to Byalan Island and Alberta by sea and Yuno and Rael by air.


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Daily Quests

NPCs Requirements 1st Time Reward Daily Reward

Instructor Vontess

  • This NPC has 3 quests.
  • Base Level 20+
  • Base Level 40+

Level 20+ Reward:

Level 40+ Reward:

  • Base & Job EXP

Freshman Heldent

  • Base & Job EXP


  • Base & Job EXP


  • Base & Job EXP

Leader Maxim

  • Base & Job EXP

Kose Keilee

  • Base & Job EXP

Playing Kana

  • Base & Job EXP


Izlude Ingame View