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A list of Instrouments dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map Chance(%)
1914.pngBurning Passion Guitar 41-60 Metaller Navigation  
41-60 Swift Metaller cmd_fild09  
1916.pngGreen Acre Guitar 1-20 Rocker Navigation  
1-20 Elusive Rocker prt_fild7  
1917.pngGentle Breeze Guitar 1-20 Vocal Navigation  
32104.pngErhu of Earnest [1] Fever M/R Hyegun Navigation  
32101.pngEarth Dragon's Guitar [2] Regional   Amatsu  
32102.pngYin Yang Violin [2] Regional   Louyang