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A list of Instrouments dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map

1914.pngBurning Passion Guitar

41-60 Metaller Navigation
41-60 Swift Metaller cmd_fild09

1916.pngGreen Acre Guitar

1-20 Rocker Navigation
1-20 Elusive Rocker prt_fild7

1917.pngGentle Breeze Guitar

1-20 Vocal Navigation

32104.pngErhu of Earnest [1]

Fever M/R Hyegun Navigation

32101.pngEarth Dragon's Guitar [2]

Regional NPC Amatsu

32102.pngYin Yang Violin [2]

Regional NPC Louyang

32109.pngTrumpet Shell [2]

Fever Novus Navigation
Fever Angelic Skeggiold Navigation