Huuma Shuriken

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A list of Huuma Shurikens dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

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Huuma Shuriken

Item Name Opt Category Drop by Monster Map

13300.pngHuuma Wing Shuriken

61-99 Assaulter Navigation
61-99 Assaulter Ringleader tur_dun04

13302.pngHuuma Giant Wheel Shuriken [4]

61-99 Tengu Navigation

13304.pngHuuma Calm Mind [2]

61-99 Karakasa Navigation

13303.pngHuuma Blaze Shuriken

61-99 Poison Toad Navigation

13344.pngHuuma Blade Shuriken [1]

Fever Venatu 2 Navigation
13313.pngFlower Huuma Shuriken [2] Einbroch

Contaminated Sting

13314.pngWave Huuma Shuriken [2] Einbroch

Contaminated Gargoyle


13315.pngThunderstorm Huuma Shuriken [2]

Einbroch Skeggiold Navigation