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In Ragna0 we have gathered all available Classic headgears into one NPC inside Adventurer Inn

Those hats has no real impact in our server, but it is an authentic and nostalgic feel for many of us who has been around Ragnarok for more than a decade.

Some of the headgear requirements are kRO:Zero exclusive.


Domas has the follow Headgear Quests

Headgear Requirements
5065.pngBlue Fish
5052.pngBlue Hairband
5034.pngBulb Band
2214.pngBunny Band
5024.pngCake Hat
5026.pngChef Hat
5036.pngCross Hat
5082.pngDecorative Mushroom
5038.pngDeviruchi Hat
2273.pngDoctor Band
2283.pngEar Muffs
5047.pngFashionable Glasses
5018.pngFeather Bonnet
5061.pngFlower Hairpin
5447.pngFrog Hat
5063.pngGiant Band Aid
5444.pngHair Brush
5437.pngFairy Flower [1]
5025.pngHelm of Angel
5070.pngHot-blooded Headband
5069.pngKitsune Mask
5027.pngMage Hat
5031.pngMine Hat
2278.pngMr. Smile
2281.pngOpera Masque
5004.pngOxygen Mask
5060.pngParty Hat
5012.pngPh.D Hat
2293.pngPretend Murdered
5033.pngRaccoon Hat
5039.pngRainbow Eggshell
5064.pngSmokie Leaf
2272.pngStop Post
5492.pngStudent Cap
5049.pngStriped Hairband
5032.pngSunday Hat
5077.pngTulip Hairpin
5057.pngBlack Cat Ears
5073.pngModel Training Hat
5176.pngHahoe Mask
5177.pngMythical Lion Mask [1]
5169.pngBride Mask [1]
5174.pngAyam [1]
5173.pngMagistrate Hat [1]
5074.pngAngel Wing Ears
5068.pngEvil Wing Ears
5107.pngCrunch Toast
5091.pngDecorative Golden Bell
5080.pngCrown of Ancient Queen
5081.pngCrown of Mistress
5083.pngRed Ribbon
5071.pngIndian Headband
5086.pngAlarm Mask
5058.pngDrooping Cat
5084.pngLazy Smokie
5441.pngCute White Ribbon
5440.pngCute Blue Ribbon
5439.pngCute Red Ribbon
5438.pngCute Green Ribbon
5079.pngX Hairpin
5094.pngHelmet of Orc Hero
5436.pngBride's Corolla
5078.pngSea-Otter Hat
5059.pngTeddybear Hat
5075.pngCowboy Hat
5041.pngHeart Hairpin
5042.pngBao Bao
5022.pngHat of the Sun God
5029.pngSpore Hat
5023.pngParcel Hat
5021.pngGrief for Greed
5043.pngOpera Phantom Mask
2292.pngWelding Mask
5443.pngStatue Of Baby Angel [1]

5448.pngIndifferent Solo Hat [1]

5449.pngAngry Solo Hat [1]

5121.pngZealotus Mask
5446.pngCatfoot Hairpin [1]