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Gonryun Mini Map
Rewards Overview

Base & Job EXP



Gonryun is famous as a tourist attraction for its beautiful scenery. In Gonryun, people believe in a unique religion, and the existence of a hermit who has absolute power over the limitations of Norman existence. The people believe that anyone can become a hermit, an absolute being. Thus they strive to improve their souls to that end.

Many inhabitants have become hermits, absolute beings. But, it`s common knowledge that there are evildoers among them who performed harmful acts even after becoming divine beings. Because of these malicious few, many horrible events began to take place. Neighboring nations near Gonryun were faced with a terrible predicament.

The Emperor of Gonryun maintained a centralized administration. But now Gonryun is mainly governed by an independent judge. Separate from the centralized administration, the judge decides everything and has total control.

The economy is run progressively by merchants. The economic power and information system of Gonryun is unmatched.

An exotic looking stranger arrived in Alberta and was escorted to Prontera. King Tristan Gaebolg III came to learn about the culture from where he came. The King ordered sailors to find out more about this place. Through the efforts of these sailors, a sea passage was opened. This sea passage is now traveled frequently by many people throughout the land.

Town Entrance

  • Take the trip to Gonryun from Alberta, needs to be level 90+
    • Gonryun Envoy


NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Prophesy Invitation

Gonryun Guide

  • Base Level 90+
  • Introduction to the town, unlocks daily quests.

Daily Quests

NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Temple cleansing

Soldier Ye

  • Completed Prophesy Invitation ques

Taichi Bell collector


  • Base Level 90+

Gonryun Headgear Quests

To be able to craft the headgear, you need to do the main quest.

NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Inzo Kang

Crafting 27480.pngSnake Lord Cap [1] and 27481.pngSnake Lord Cloak

27480.pngSnake Lord Cap [1]
27481.pngSnake Lord Cloak

Weapon Merchants

Celestial weapons can be traded from Gonryun taoism priests using 27486.pngCelestial Stone, farmed from Gonryun Dungeon.

NPC Info Item Stock

Seyon Jang

Bring him 20 27486.pngCelestial Stone to get a random Celestial weapon.

Student Cha

Trade Talisma from him for 10 27486.pngCelestial Stone.

Talisma can apply random options to Celestial weapons.