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Geffen Mini Map


Geffen is the city of magic where denizens of Rune-Midgarts go to become Magicians at the Magic Academy. It was also once the ancient capital of the kingdom of Geffenia. Word has it that the city was built by great Wizards of the past as they believed in magic.

Also, in Geffen, there is the guild of Blacksmiths who can make elemental weapons. Their abilities are praised throughout the continent.

The Wizard Magic Academy is located at the center and the Magician Guild is located on the outskirts of the city. It is an ideal place to gather all different sorts of magic equipment. Even until now, the city's lights are always on as there are many who research and develop more magic.

To the south of the city lies the Orc Village and Goblin Village. Southwest is the Kordt Forest where the Kobolds dwell. Geffen is also near the Glastheim Castle where it is said to have housed gods a long time ago.


NPCs Requirements Rewards

Swamp Fairy

  • Base Level 10+
  • 6x 908.pngSpawn
  • Clean the swamp.

Novice Adventurer

  • Base Level 40+
  • Find hidden treasure
Young Wizard
  • Base Level 50+
  • Show a Creamy Card

Daily Quests

NPCs Requirements 1st Time Reward Daily Reward

Retired Wizard

Repairman Raon


Repairman Raon 2



  • Base Level 30+
  • Hunt 30x Cocos

Squad Leader


Deputy Squad Leader

  • Base Level 40+
  • Quest 1
    • Hunt 10x Axe Goblins
    • Hunt 10x Flail Goblins
  • Quest 2
    • Hunt 10x Dagger Goblins
    • Hunt 10x Hammer Goblins
  • Quest 3
    • Hunt 10x Morning Star Goblins
    • Hunt 10x Archer Goblins
Petite Boy
  • Base Level 50+
  • 2 Daily Quests
Extremist Wizard
  • Base Level 50+
  • 3 Daily Quests
Tired Man
  • Required Extremist Wizard quests
  • 1 Daily Quest


Geffen Ingame Screenshot