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A list of Garments dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Equipment option click here.

Note: Only Champion and Fever Monsters drops Garments come with Options. Normal monsters doesn't drop optioned Garments.

Note: Champion monsters drops Champion category Garments, while Fever / Fever boss monster drops Fever category Garments.

Drop Rates

  • Normal monster = 9%
  • Champion monster = 30%
  • Fever monster = 8%
  • Fever boss = 24%


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map
2502.pngHood [1] Champ Fabre Ringleader pay_fild03
Champ Swift Spore pay_fild08
Champ Tarou Ringleader mjo_dun01
Champ Swift Caramel mjolnir_01
Champ Bigfoot Ringleader pay_fild07
None Cookie Navigation
None Coco Navigation
Champ Solid Coco gef_fild09
Champ Elusive Goblin prt_fild11
Champ Elusive Marduk in_sphinx3
None Punk Navigation
2504.pngMuffler [1] Champ Willow Ringleader pay_fild01
Champ Snake Ringleader pay_fild02
Champ Elusive Peco Peco moc_fild02
None Sohee Navigation
Champ Swift Sohee pay_dun03
Champ Elusive Poporing pay_fild04
Champ Solid Rideword c_tower1
Champ Elusive Disguise nif_fild01
2505.pngManteau None Dark Frame Navigation
None Wraith Navigation
None Stormy Wraith Navigation
None Dullahan Navigation
2506.pngManteau [1] Champ Furious Marin xmas_fild01
Champ Swift Yoyo prt_fild03
Champ Solid Vadon iz_dun01
Champ Elusive Drainliar in_sphinx1
Champ Elusive Raggler cmd_fild07
Champ Solid Alligator cmd_fild03
Champ Swift Dryad um_fild01
None Wraith Navigation
None Stormy Wraith Navigation
Champ Swift Dragon Tail tur_dun01
Champ Solid Petite gef_fild06
Champ Stormy Knight Navigation
Champ Elusive Disguise nif_fild01
None Dullahan Navigation
2508.pngRagamuffin Manteau None Chepet Navigation
None Evil Druid Navigation
Champ Elusive Evil Druid gl_church
None Dark Illusion Navigation
None Disguise Navigation
Champ Elusive Disguise nif_fild01
2507.pngAncient Cape Champ Dracula Navigation
Champ Dark Lord Navigation
2521.pngAngelic Cardigan [1] Champ Vagabond Wolf Navigation
2522.pngUndershirt None Pasana Navigation
Champ Swift Pasana in_sphinx5

20935.pngLava Leather Cloak [1]

Fever Rigid Sky Deleter mag_dun03
Fever Boss Ridig Blazer mag_dun03

20936.pngLava Leather Muffler [1]

Fever Rigid Earth Deleter mag_dun03
Fever Boss Ridig Blazer mag_dun03
20937.pngLava Leather Hood [1] Fever Rigid Explosion mag_dun03
Fever Boss Ridig Blazer mag_dun03

2524.pngValkyrian Manteau [1]

Fever Boss Valkyrie Randgris odin_temp03

20946.pngDragon Scale Manteau [1]

None 23985.pngDragon's Treasure Abyss Dungeon

20947.pngClergy's Cloak [1]

Enchant 23986.pngOdin's Relic Odin Instance

20958.pngConqueror's Legendary Cloak [1]
20959.pngConqueror's Legendary Cape [1]
20960.pngConqueror's Legendary Scarf [1]
20961.pngConqueror's Legendary Scout Cloak [1]

None NPC Lighthalzen

20846.pngTemporal Manteau [1]

None NPC Old Glast Heim

480042.pngPayon Soldier's Pauldron

480043.pngGrand Elder's Pauldron

480048.pngRuneforged Cloak

480047.pngTime Dripped Cloak

480046.pngDimension Dripped Cloak

480049.pngCrackforged Cloak

None NPC Sarah's Memory