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A simple walkthrough of game interface, how the game looks like and what different functions are for.  


Basic Info

Basic Info
  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [V]
  • Player character's basic info:
    • Character Name
    • Job Name
    • HP/SP: Health Point and Spell Point
    • Base Level / Job Level and the EXP Bars.
    • Weight: Current/Max weight of items in your Inventory.
    • Zeny (the currency of Ragna0, you can use zeny to purchase from shops.)

Base Menu


  • Key Combination: NONE, have to manually click to open/close.
  • The base menu of most important functions.
  • From top right to bottom left:
    • Status, Equipment, Inventory, Skill Tree, Party, Guild, Battleground, Quest Log, World Map,
    • Navigation, Settings, Bank, Recorder, Mail Rodex, Achievement, Tips, Cash Shop,
    • Shortcut Overview, Tweet, Attendance calendar.

Chat Box

Chat Box
  • The chat box is where you can type in text to communicat with other players in-game.
  • Several different ways of sending the chat into normal chat, guild chat, party chat, union chat, global channel chat, private chat.
  • The system message are also displayed in your chat box, such as announcements, damage feeds, looting feeds etc.
  • [F10] Key to change the SIZE of Chat Box.
Send message
  • This box is where you input your text message that you wish to send, and then press [Enter] key to publish.
Private Message
  • PM (Private Message), if you want to PM a friend, example Adam. Type in his name in the box on the left side and the text you wish to send him.
  • Note that if the person you seek is Offline, the text won't reach him.
  • Alternative you can use the [Mail] system ingame.

Major Channel



  • There are 4 major channels inbuilt inside the Chat Box.
  • You can select them by clicking on the small "circle on the right corner of the chat box.
  • Send to All = Normal public chat.
  • Send to Party = Only party members can read.
  • Send to Guild = Only guild members can read.
  • Send to Union = Only union members can read.
Chat Tabs
  • You can create and delete your own Chat Tabs.
  • The tabs allows you to be able to filter certain message and gather specific messages on a certain tab.
  • A great example is "PM Tab" where only the private messages are stored.
  • Double click on a tab, to rename the tab.
  • You wonder, how to create tabs or edit? Keep reading.
Chat Options
  • On the top right corner, you will notice 6 different small icons.
  • These serves great purpose of the chat box.
  • Battlemode
    • Turn ON/OFF 
    • If you turn ON battle Mode, it will disable the chatting feature, but instead you will be able to use your Skill Keybinds in battle.

Chat Box Options 


  • Chat Box Options
    • You open up an message display option.
    • In there, you can disable or enable certain message, under the current Chat Tab.
    • Example disabled Party Chat, Guild Chat and Item get/drop message.
  • The + icon is to create a new Chat Tab.
  • The - icon is to delete the current Chat Tab.
  • The >> icon is to split the current Chat Tab.
  • You can drag out the splitted chat tab into any place on the game screen.
  • Last but not least, the Lock ON/OFF.
    • Lock ON means you won't be able to touch any of the options except normal chatting.


Status Window

  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [A]
  • Player character's Status info:
    • Str = Strenght
    • Agi = Agility
    • Vit = Vitality
    • Int = Intelligence
    • Dex = Dexterity
    • Luk = Luck
  • When leveling up your Base level, you will obtain Status Points.
  • You can spend the status point to add up your stats.



Equipment Window

Equipment Window
  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [Q]
  • General equipment section, where all your main equips.
    • Headgear Top
    • Headgear Mid
    • Headgear Low
    • Body is for Armor
    • R-Hand for weapon
    • L-Hand for shield
    • Robe for garments
    • Shoes for footgear
    • Accessories for trinkets.
  • "Show Equip" to allow others to view your equipments
  • Costume equipment section, is where you can equip extra equips.
  • If you equip a costume hat, it will override the look of your General hat.
  • You can also obtain costume garment, armors, accessories etc, called Shadow items.
  • There are many titles out there, you obtain them by completing certain Achievements.
  • If you have many equipments and wish to change sets quickly, you can drag your extra equipments into this section and click "CHANGE" to swap in between.



  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [E]
  • Inventory is where the character's items are stored.
  • There are 4 tabs:
    • Use = Consumable and scrolls etc.
    • Eqp = Equipment tab, with all equipments.
    • Etc = Quest items, monster loots, materials.
    • Fav = You can drag any item into Fav tab, it will be more secured.
  • You can have 100 different items in Inventory, once it's full, all new items will be dropped on floor.
    • Note: Make sure you have plenty of extra space, or else you might lose some rewards.
  • You can also Lock inventory, to prevent accidental item dropping on floor by mistake.




Skill Tree

Skill tree
  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [S]
  • Key Combination: [F12]
  • Skill Bars, there are total 4 Skills bars ingame.
  • You can drag Items, equipments or learnt Skills into the Skill Bar slot.
  • The first lane of skill bar uses Key F1 to F9.
  • The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Skill bar, you have to set the keys up in the Options.
  • 1st tab contains First Job skills
  • 2nd tab contains Second Job skills
  • Etc tab contains extra skills given by example Cards.
  • You obtain Skill Points by leveling up Job Levels.
  • Apply skill points to any desired skills, and press Apply to complete the task.


Party & Friends Window

  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [Z]
  • A party allows members inside party to be able to Share EXP/Loot.
  • One party can hold up max 12 players.
  • You can create, invite, expell and disband a party.
  • You can drag out the party member names and paste it on your game screen.
  • You can buff / heal any party member by using the skill on their party window name.
  • Same window as Party, you click on the Friend.
  • You can add players as friends.
  • When ever a friend logs in, you will be able to get a message.
  • You can also setup the Private Message box on this window.



  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [G]
Create a guild
  • Create a guild requires a 714.pngEmperium in Inventory.
  • Choose a guild name.
  • Note: If you are in a "Clan", you won't be able to create or join a guild.
Guild Window
  • Guild Name: Shows your guild name.
  • Guild Level: Shows current guild level.
  • Guild Master: The owner of the guild.
  • Members: Displays how many members there are and max capacity.
    • "On" displays how many online members.
  • Terroritory: Shows how many castle this guild owns.
  • "Edit" to upload guild emblem
    • Add a 24x24 pixel .bmp 24bit image in /Ragna0/emblem/ folder.
    • Click on Edit to upload it.
  • Alliances: Shows your guild alliance with other guild.
  • There are few more tabs in Guild feature, Members, Position, Guild Skill, Expel List, Announcement.


  • Key Combination: None
Battleground Queue
  • (Not released feature)
  • The battleground window allows you to place yourself in the queue of battleground.
  • Individual: Solo queue
  • Party: Join as a party
  • Guild: Join as a guild
  • Tip: Shows some battleground tips.

Quest Log

Quest Log
  • Key Combination: [Alt] + [U]
Quest List
  • Displays a list of Quests that you have accepted.
  • You can "Show Quest".
  • "Recommended" quests.
  • Click on Hide Quest to inactivate a quest and put it to "Pending" log.
  • Activate the Show Quest Show Quest and mark the quest that you wish to be displayed on the game screen. Max 5
    • Quest Details

World Map

World Map
  • Key Combination: [CTRL] + [`]
  • Opens up a large map displaying places in Midgard.
  • Select different maps.
  • Perform searched to indicate where a monster or npc is located.
  • Marking this will display digits on the map, showing suitable leveling maps.


  • Key Combination: None
  • A very useful feature to locate and find for example monsters.
  • When indicating a location navi guide, you will see an arrow on the map.
  • Write in the monster name you would like to find more information about.
  • It will display related names based on your key word.
  • It will display on which map and how many it spawns.
  • Mark the monster, mark the map and click on RTENOTITLE to start the navigation.
  • Click on RTENOTITLE to change your pointed display.
  • If you find any 25464.pngWorld Mobility Ticket, use "Move" to travel to the desired map instantly.

Options / Settings

  • Key Combination: [ESC]
  • Character Select logs you out of the game.
  • Game settings for more client setups.
  • BM/Shortcut is battle mode and shortcut settings.
  • Exit to Windows to close the game.
  • Return to game to exit the options panel.
  • You can customize "Game Skin" to switch out the game, simply google for Ragnarok skins to find the skins of your desire.
  • You can setup different effects.
  • You can adjust the Sound effects.
  • Settings5.png
    • Settings4.png
  • More advanced settings are graphical.
  • You can setup game resolution.
  • Adjust the sprite and texture resolution.
  • Enable to disable full screen.
  • Here you can setup the short cuts for your Skill Bar
    • See above "Skill Tree" for more details.
  • There are in total 4 skill bars.
  • Turn on "Battle mode" to use the short cuts in full effect.
  • You can setup various game features and windows with short cuts in this panel.
  • You can setup in game built macro feature and flag emotes in this setup.


  • Key Combination: [CTRL] + [B]
  • You can deposit zeny into your personal Bank.
  • The bank is shared among the account.
  • Every character can withdraw and deposit.

Record / Replay

  • Key Combination: None
Record Replay
  • Very handy feature to record your gameplay.
  • The file will be saved in your /Ragna0/Replay/.rrf
    • As a rrf file
  • To watch a replay file, simply put it into the /Ragna0/Replay/ folder.
    • Then click on "replay" on the login screen.
    • Record2.png

Rodex Mail

Rodex Mail
  • Key Combination: None
  • The RO Delivery Express (RodEx).
  • You can send and receive mails from others thru this feature.
  • You can only open up mails when you are in a Town.
  • Rodexmail2.png to write a mail.
  • Input the Character Name and press "check name" to confirm.
  • Choose a title
  • Write the content that you wish to send within 500 letters.
  • Attach items, up to 5.
  • Attach zeny.
  • The mailing fee usually starts at 2500 zeny.


  • Key Combination: None
  • A big feature, where you can claim rewards and Titles for achieving certain goals.