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Tired of farming and leveling? Want to have some pure fun time in the game? The game events are all scripted events, which rotates hourly for everyone to participate. We have events such as "disguise and rescue missions".

Event Master

Event Master

The pretty lady here is the master mind of all game events. She can tell you the schedules of each events, also a little bit of how the game events works. 

Lucky Draw One of her major feature, where you can spend your 27002.pngEvent Coin to perform a lucky draw. Each draw consumes 1 Event coin and has potential to win on of the following items:  

Runner-up Prize

531.pngApple Juice 532.pngBanana Juice 534.pngCarrot Juice 533.pngGrape Juice 519.pngMilk 520.pngHinalle Leaflet 521.pngAloe Leaflet 518.pngHoney

Good Prize 645.pngConcentration Potion 656.pngAwakening Potion 657.pngBerserk Potion505.pngBlue Potion 522.pngMastela Fruit 526.pngRoyal Jelly
Rare Prize 12016.pngSpeed Potion 610.pngYggdrasil Leaf 608.pngYggdrasil Seed 607.pngYggdrasil Berry 25376.pngCute Pet Coin
Epic Prize

619.pngUnripe Apple  629.pngSinging Flower  634.pngTropical Banana 635.pngOrc Trophy  639.pngArmlet of Obedience 640.pngShining Stone

16682.pngBoarding Halter Box 27056.pngCostume Ticket Box

Jeremy Beauty Store

Jeremy Beauty Store

A event store by Jeremy himself, with fancy outfits and stylish cupons. He accepts 27002.pngEvent Coin.

Item Sale Price
7622.pngHairstyle Coupon 10
6707.pngJeremy Beauty Coupon 20
6046.pngClothing Dye Coupon 30
27075.pngSummer Outift Box 20
27076.pngSummer Outfit 2 Box 30
27077.pngChristmas Outfit Box 30
27078.pngTraditional Outfit Box 30
27079.pngFestive Outfit Box 30
27080.pngWedding Outfit Box 10
27336.pngRandom Wig Box (1) 50
27337.pngRandom Wig Box (2) 50
27338.pngRandom Wig Box (3) 50
27339.pngRandom Wig Box (4) 70
27340.pngRandom Wig Box (5) 70
27341.pngRandom Wig Box (6) 70
27342.pngRandom Wig Box (7) 90
27343.pngRandom Wig Box (8) 90


  • Disguise Event
  • A round of monster disguise is never a bad idea.
  • Gather around the Master of Disguise, and be ready to type out the correct monster name, when it turns into one.
  • Each correct win rewards you with 2x 27002.pngEvent Coin

Poring Hunter

  • Hunt for the correct Poring!

Tarot Reading

  • Get your Tarot card and hope for the best to hit!

Search & Rescue

  • Land on the infected town and rescue as many injured citizens as you can!