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Ragna0 exclusive equipment set of Expedition, comes with 4 classes and special accessories.

The Expedition set is devided in 4 classes, Class I is the best, then comes Class II, Class III and Class IV.

You can obtain Class IV Expedition gear and the crafting materials from Instance treasures.

Gear Exchange

  • Captain Cairn
  • Location: Prontera
  • Captain Carin
  • Carin is responsible for delivering the Expedition equipments to the citizen of Midgard, although, he won't give them out for free, only the worthy ones may get hold on a piece or two!

List of Expedition Gears

Expedition Class I

Item Name Requirements
15227.pngExpedition Mail I [1]
20874.pngExpedition Manteau I [1]
22157.pngExpedition's Greaves I [1]
28546.pngExpedition Ring I [1]
15228.pngExpedition Clothes I [1]
20875.pngExpedition Scout Manteau I [1]
22158.pngExpedition Boots I [1]
28547.pngExpedition Glove I [1]
15229.pngExpedition Robe I [1]
20876.pngExpedition Muffler I [1]
22159.pngExpedition Shoes I [1]
28548.pngExpedition Magical Ring I [1]
15230.pngExpedition Robe I [1]
20877.pngExpedition Cape I [1]
22160.pngExpedition Magical Shoes I [1]
28549.pngExpedition Necklace I [1]


Expedition Class II

Item Name Requirements
15223.pngExpedition Mail II [1]
20870.pngExpedition Manteau II [1]
22153.pngExpedition Greaves II [1]
28542.pngExpedition Ring II [1]
15224.pngExpedition Clothes II [1]
20871.pngExpedition Scout Manteau II [1]
22154.pngExpedition Boots II [1]
28543.pngExpedition Gloves II [1]
15225.pngExpedition Robe II [1]
20872.pngExpedition Muffler II [1]
22155.pngExpedition Shoes II [1]
28544.pngExpedition Magical RingII [1]
15226.pngExpedition Dress II [1]
20873.pngExpedition Cape II [1]
22156.pngExpedition Magical Shoes II [1]
28545.pngExpedition Necklace II [1]


Expedition Class III

Item Name Requirements
15221.pngExpedition Armor III [1]
20868.pngExpedition Manteau III [1]
22151.pngExpedition Boots III [1]
28540.pngExpedition Ring III
15222.pngExpedition Robe III [1]
20869.pngExpedition Muffler III [1]
22152.pngExpedition Shoes III [1]
28541.pngExpedition Magical Ring III [1]


Special Accessories

Item Name Requirements
28568.pngCursed Emerald Earrings [1]
28569.pngGlittering Opal Earrings [1]
28571.pngRed Union Ring [1]
28570.pngBlue Oath Ring [1]

Gear Enchantment

  • Professor Ivor
  • Location: Prontera
  • Professor Ivor
  • Ivor is old, but he is the one and only expert in equipment research for Expedition Gear. Bring him an Expedition gear, and he will be able to help you to enchant it.
  • He can enchant Armor, Garment, Footgear and Accessories for 100.000 zeny each attempt.
  • Depending on class (I, II, III, IV), up to 3 enchant stones can be applied.
  • If you bring him a rare +9 refined Armor, he will be able to enchant it with Special Essence Enchant.
  • The professor can also Reset unwanted enchants from your equipment, but he doesn't help you for free, you can either give him a 25430.pngMythril OR 100.000 zeny.
    • Note: Reset has a 70% succcess rate and 30% chance to break the item, when using Zeny.

Enchantable Equipment List

Armors Garments Shoes Accessories

Enchant List

Class I Enchants

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -

Class II and III Enchants

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -

Class IV Enchants

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -