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Ragna0 exclusive equipment set of Expedition, comes with 4 classes and special accessories.

The Expedition set is devided in 4 classes, Class I is the best, then comes Class II, Class III and Class IV.

You can obtain Class IV Expedition gear and the crafting materials from Instance treasures.

Gear Exchange

  • Captain Cairn
  • Location: Adventurer_Inn
  • Captain Carin
  • Carin is responsible for delivering the Expedition equipments to the citizen of Midgard, although, he won't give them out for free, only the worthy ones may get hold on a piece or two!

List of Expedition Gears

Expedition Class I

Item Name Requirements
15227.pngExpedition Mail I [1]
20874.pngExpedition Manteau I [1]
22157.pngExpedition's Greaves I [1]
28546.pngExpedition Ring I [1]
15228.pngExpedition Clothes I [1]
20875.pngExpedition Scout Manteau I [1]
22158.pngExpedition Boots I [1]
28547.pngExpedition Glove I [1]
15229.pngExpedition Robe I [1]
20876.pngExpedition Muffler I [1]
22159.pngExpedition Shoes I [1]
28548.pngExpedition Magical Ring I [1]
15230.pngExpedition Robe I [1]
20877.pngExpedition Cape I [1]
22160.pngExpedition Magical Shoes I [1]
28549.pngExpedition Necklace I [1]


Expedition Class II

Item Name Requirements
15223.pngExpedition Mail II [1]
20870.pngExpedition Manteau II [1]
22153.pngExpedition Greaves II [1]
28542.pngExpedition Ring II [1]
15224.pngExpedition Clothes II [1]
20871.pngExpedition Scout Manteau II [1]
22154.pngExpedition Boots II [1]
28543.pngExpedition Gloves II [1]
15225.pngExpedition Robe II [1]
20872.pngExpedition Muffler II [1]
22155.pngExpedition Shoes II [1]
28544.pngExpedition Magical RingII [1]
15226.pngExpedition Dress II [1]
20873.pngExpedition Cape II [1]
22156.pngExpedition Magical Shoes II [1]
28545.pngExpedition Necklace II [1]


Expedition Class III

Item Name Requirements
15221.pngExpedition Armor III [1]
20868.pngExpedition Manteau III [1]
22151.pngExpedition Boots III [1]
28540.pngExpedition Ring III
15222.pngExpedition Robe III [1]
20869.pngExpedition Muffler III [1]
22152.pngExpedition Shoes III [1]
28541.pngExpedition Magical Ring III [1]


Special Accessories

Item Name Requirements
28568.pngCursed Emerald Earrings [1]
28569.pngGlittering Opal Earrings [1]
28571.pngRed Union Ring [1]
28570.pngBlue Oath Ring [1]

Gear Enchantment

  • Essence Statues
  • Location: Adventurer_Inn
  • 1st Job Essence Statue
  • 2nd Job Essence Statue
  • Ninja Essence Statue
  • The researchers left those mechanical Statues inside Adventurer Inn for players to empower their Expedition Gear.
  • Bring your Expedition gear, and the statues will be able to help you to enchant it.
  • You can enchant Armor, Garment, Footgear and Accessories for 40.000 zeny each attempt.
  • Depending on class (I, II, III, IV), up to 3 enchant stones can be applied.
  • If you bring him a rare +9 refined Armor, he will be able to enchant it with Special Job Essence Enchant.
  • You can also Reset unwanted enchants from your equipment, for a fee of 3x 27087.pngZelstar OR 10.000 zeny.
    • Note: Reset has a 70% succcess rate and 30% chance to break the item, when using Zeny.
    • Note: Gear doesn't keep refines when upgrading to the next tier. Ex. You used +7 Expedition 2 Armor for Expedition Armor 1, you won't get +7 Expedition 1 Armor for this.

Enchantable Equipment List

Armors Garments Shoes Accessories

Enchant List

Class I Enchants

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -

2nd Job Essence Statue

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -

1st Job Essence Statue

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -

Ninja Essence Statue

- Armor +9 can receive Essence -