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Effect stones are a type of cosmetic enchant stones without any bonuses.

You can be enchanted into your Costume Headgear.

Each stone has a special animated effect when you equip the enchanted Costume.

There are 2 types of Effect Stones, one for the Upper Costume and one for the Lower.

You can obtain the stones from Cash Shop, Events, Ingame features, more effect stones will be released with time, this is a quite new feature we have.

Enchanter NPC

  • Miss Farie inside Prontera Styling house can help you with the enchant and unenchant process.
    • Miss Farie

List of Stones

A list of current released Effect Stones.

Upper Effect Stones

Name How to obtain? Sample Look
26612.pngAngelic Feathers

Angelic Feather

26607.pngSuper Sparks

  • Cash Shop

Super Sparks

26611.pngGold Butterflies

  • Cash Shop

Gold Butterflies

26637.pngSapphire Butterflies

  • Cash Shop

Sapphire Butterflies

26641.pngMeow Souls

  • Cash Shop

Meow Souls

26653.pngThunder Dragon

  • Cash Shop

Thunder Dragon

26618.pngBuddha Spirit

  • Cash Shop

Buddha Spirit

26650.pngMidgard Glory

  • WoE Treasure
Midgard Glory
26630.pngPhoenix Feathers
  • Cash Shop
Phoenix Feather
26634.pngPower Up
  • Cash Shop
Power Up
  • Cash Shop

26614.png10 Volts 

  • Battleground
10 Volts
26620.pngInsane Volts
  • Battleground
Insane Volt
26616.pngValhalla Idol  


Lower Effect Stones

Name How to obtain? Sample Look
26704.pngMagic Circle
  • Cash Shop

Magic Circle

26705.pngRainbow Spell

  • Cash Shop

Rainbow Spell

26706.pngPoring Bubbles

  • Cash Shop

Poring Bubbles