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Eden Group is a special organization formed to create a bondery between adventurer's.

The group accepts requests from different villages and towns, the quests are posted and given out by the group staff.

Reno's Quests

  1. Turn into 1st Job and speak to Sprakki
    • Sprakki
    • She will introduce you to Lime Evenor
  2. Lime Evenor will give you a 22508.pngEden Group Mark
  3. Speak to Sprakki again, she will send you to Reno.
  4. Leave Izlude and find Reno.
  5. The quest continues.....

Eden NPCs

NPC Name Description Reward

Eden Warpers

Eden Teleport Officer

  • Located in major towns and villages.
  • Can warp you to Eden Group and your Kingdom Guild.

Champion Hunting Board

Champion Hunting Board

  • Adventurers can take daily Champion monster hunting quests.
  • There are different level ranges of quests.
  • Each quest requires 1x Champion monster.
  • Good EXP
  • Various foods.

Eden Logistic Officer

Eden Logistic Officer

  • Turn in materials in stack of 30, for the supply of equipment crafting business for Eden group.
  • Each task has a 1 hour cool down.
  • Player level matters depending on which task you wish to take.
  • Good Base EXP

Catalog Magician

Catalog Magician


Kingdom Guild Intro Quest

  1. Speak with Elisha inside Eden Group when you are 1st Job.
    • Elisha
  2. Depending on your job, she will direct you to the respective Kingdom Guild leader.
  3. Follow the lead and be rewarded with following when quest complete.

Eden Group Mark

  • 22508.pngEden Group Mark
    • An useful item capable to warp you to your save point, Eden Group and your Kingdom Guild headquarter.
    • Cool down 20 minutes.