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Donations are needed but not a necessity. It's a free willing support made by you to help us maintain the costs for Ragna0 hosting.

Few Agreements

  • The donations you make are a support for our server by your free will.
  • The donations made helps us maintaining the server costs.
    • If the donations exceed our monthly costs, the extras will be added to our server foundation.
  • All donation related ingame items are account bound.
  • Being a donator does not entitle you any special priviledges.

How to Donate?

  1. You need to login to our website with your game account.
  2. Click on Donate and fill in the desired amount you'd like to donate.
    • 1 USD = 1 Credit
  3. You may check out using Paypal or Credit Card.

What do I receive after donation?

  1. Techincally you receive nothing after a donation, the Credits are added to your account panel.
  2. Go to the Item Shop and claim a bag of cash of your desire, check out.
  3. Login to the game, and speak to "Donor Rewards Redeemer" NPC outside Adventurer's Inn in Prontera.
    • Claim the bag.
  4. Open the bag and you may purchase items from the Cash Shop.

Cash Shop Content

Item Name Costs (Cash Points)
17897.pngHunting Pack (30 Days) 1300
17898.pngEssential Pack (30 Days) 1500
23466.pngAccount Pack(30 Days) 1000
17937.pngAccount Storage Expansion Box (30 Days) 700
17917.pngAccount Death Penalty Box (30 Days) 700
17896.pngSilver Bell Box(30 Days) 600
17229.pngInfinite Flywing Box 250
27008.pngInfinite Magnifier Box 250
27009.pngInfinite Potion Box 250
17880.pngGelstar 40 Box 1000
17918.pngGelstar 4 Box 100
26800.pngAngel Wings 1200
26801.pngAdventurer Backpack 1000
26802.pngFallen Angel Wings 1200
26803.pngAmistr Backpack 1000
26804.pngGolden Angel Wings 1200
26805.pngKirin Wings 1200
26806.pngCrimson Angel Wings 1200
26807.pngHappy Angel Wings 1200
26808.pngGreat Devil Wings 1500
26809.pngMechanical Wings 1200
26810.pngDevil Wings 1200
26811.pngAntonio Backpack 1000
26812.pngPink Cupid Wings 1200
26813.pngPoring Backpack 1000
26814.pngUriel Wings 1500
26815.pngSharp Wings 1500
26816.pngBlue Fairy Wings 1500
26817.pngEXE Backpack 1000
26818.pngThanatos Sword 1300
26819.pngMichael Wings 1500
26820.pngGiant Cat Backpack 1000
26821.pngBlack Cat Backpack 1000
26822.pngDeviling Backpack 1000
26823.pngMiyake Clan Banner 1300
26824.pngKikuchi Clan Banner 1300
26825.pngOtomo Clan Banner 1300
26826.pngAkizuki Clan Banner 1300
26827.pngBloody Angel Wings 1200
26828.pngBlue Angel Wings 1200
26829.pngPink Butterfly Wings 1500
26830.pngYellow Butterfly Wings 1500
26831.pngGabriel Wings 1500
26832.pngViolet Halo Wings 1500
26833.pngHallow Backpack 1000
26834.pngChristmas Wings 1200
26835.pngBackside Ribbon Bell 1300
26836.pngChoco Backpack 1000
26837.pngValkyrie Wings 1500
26838.pngHeart Wings 1500
26839.pngRed School Backpack 1000
26840.pngBlack School Backpack 1000
26841.pngCat Fork 1300
26842.pngBalloon Wings 1500
26843.pngTeddy Backpack 1000


Gelstar Toolbox Lottery

25399.pngGelstar can be used to obtain random usable items from the Toolbox Lottery inside Adventurer's Inn in Prontera.

Toolbox Lottery

Item Name Rarerity
505.pngBlue Potion Common
12212.pngGiant Fly Wing
23736.pngMagic Bottle Uncommon
23735.pngSpeed Potion
23734.pngAbrasive Tool
23733.pngBaldr's Blessing
23732.pngFountain of Ymir
23729.pngTyr's Blessing
23728.pngPower Drink
23727.pngInfinity Drink Rare
23726.pngChallenge Drink
23725.pngFinest Course
27065.pngDecard Discount Ticket Very Rare
27064.pngSkill Reset Discount Ticket
27063.pngStatus Reset Discount Ticket
22707.pngLUK Reduction Potion
22706.pngDEX Reduction Potion
22705.pngINT Reduction Potion
22704.pngVIT Reduction Potion
22703.pngSTR Reduction Potion
12786.pngCharacter Position Change Coupon Super Rare
7623.pngTicket Of Identification
7621.pngToken Of Siegfried Epic