Daily Attendance

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Everyone loves freebies, and the Attendance check promises you one freebie everyday!

How to claim?

  • Open the Daily Attendance when you are ingame.
  • You need to be online 90 minutes to claim a reward.
  • One account can only claim 1 reward per day.
  • All items from Attendance check are account bound.
  • Every 20 claimed days, it will reset back to Day 1 reward.


Daily Freebies

Daily Attendance check
Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5
3x 27010.pngAngelic Egg Scroll 5x 23506.pngWhite Potion Box(20) 1x 12209.pngLife Insurance 1x 23725.pngFinest Course 5x 25464.pngWorld Mobility Ticket
Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day 10
2x 23735.pngSpeed Potion 1x 23726.pngChallenge Drink 1x 23727.pngInfinity Drink 2x 23728.pngPower Drink 1x 27011.png[Rental Advent Costume Box]
Day 11 Day 12 Day 13 Day 14 Day 15
1x 23729.pngTyr's Blessing 2x 23733.pngBaldr's Blessing 1x 23732.pngPower Drink 2x 23736.pngMagic Bottle 5x 25464.pngWorld Mobility Ticket
Day 16 Day 17 Day 18 Day 19 Day 20
3x 27010.pngAngelic Egg Scroll 5x 23506.pngWhite Potion Box(20) 5x 984.pngOridecon 5x 985.pngElunium 1x 27011.png[Rental Advent Costume Box]


Angelic Egg Scroll

Advent Costume Box