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A list of Daggers dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Category Drop by Monster Map

1202.pngKnife [4]

1-20 Poring Navigation
1-20 Little Poring Navigation
1-20 Swift, Furious, Ringleader, Elusive Poring prt_fild08

1205.pngCutter [4]

1-20 Chonchon Navigation
1-20 Elusive Chonchon gef_fild00
1-20 Scorpion Navigation
21-40 Mobster Navigation

1208.pngMain Gauche [4]

1-20 Picky Navigation
1-20 Hornet Navigation
1-20 Elusive Hornet prt_fild05
21-40 Poporing Navigation
21-40 Elusive Poporing pay_fild04
21-40 Enhanced Poporing Instance

13011.pngAsura [3]

1-20 Baby Desert Wolf Navigation
1-20 Furious Baby Desert Wolf moc_fild11

1211.pngDirk [3]

21-40 Stainer Navigation
21-40 Skeleton Navigation
21-40 Whisper Navigation
41-60 Orc Baby Navigation
41-60 Goblin 1 Navigation
41-60 Elusive Goblin prt_fild11
41-60 Swift Goblin gef_fild11
41-60 Cornutus Navigation
61-99 Megalith Navigation

1214.pngDagger [3]

21-40 Weak Soldier Skeleton Navigation
21-40 Ant Egg Navigation
21-40 Soldier Skeleton Navigation
21-40 Soldier Skeleton Ringleader pay_dun02
21-40 Furious Soldier Skeleton pay_dun01
41-60 Orc Warrior Navigation
41-60 Goblin Archer Navigation
61-99 Mutant Dragon Navigation
61-99 Parasite Navigation

1217.pngStiletto [3]

21-40 Weak Soldier Skeleton Navigation
21-40 Smokie Navigation
21-40 Soldier Skeleton Ringleader pay_dun02
21-40 Furious Soldier Skeleton pay_dun01
21-40 Vitata Navigation
41-60 Mimic Navigation
61-99 Swift Sohee pay_dun03
61-99 Mantis Navigation

1220.pngGladius [3]

41-60 Whisper Navigation
41-60 Orc Skeleton Navigation
41-60 Merman Navigation
61-99 Bathory Navigation
61-99 Pest Navigation

1226.pngDamascus [2]

41-60 Megalodon Navigation
41-60 Deviace Navigation
61-99 Hunter Fly Navigation
61-99 Furious Hunter Fly gef_dun00
61-99 Nightmare Navigation
61-99 Spring Rabbit Navigation
61-99 Marionette Navigation
61-99 Anolian Navigation

1239.pngPoison Knife

41-60 Mobster Navigation


61-99 Petit Navigation


61-99 The Paper Navigation

13008.pngJitte [1]

61-99 Kapha Navigation


Boss Pharaoh in_sphinx5

1234.pngMoonlight Dagger

Boss Moonlight Flower pay_dun04

1223.pngFortune Sword

Boss Phreeoni moc_fild17


Boss Phreeoni moc_fild17

1232.pngAssassin Dagger

Boss Osiris moc_pryd04

1230.pngIce Pick

Boss Lord of the Dead niflheim


Boss Dark Lord gl_chyard


61-99 Bloody Murderer Navigation

1229.pngKitchen Knife

61-99 Bloody Murderer Navigation

13015.pngHakujin [1]

61-99 Wanderer Navigation

28752.pngExquisite Dagger

BBF Blessed Blacksmith Forging NONE

28741.pngOrcish Dagger [1]

Fever Dark Orc Warrior Navigation
Fever Dark Orc Archer Navigation
Fever Boss Dark Orc Hero gef_fild02

28754.pngYodo Koikiri [1]

Fever Shinobi Navigation

28756.pngSurodui Kaze [1]

Fever Venatu 1 Navigation

28757.pngBlazing Dagger [1]

Fever Blazer Navigation

28758.pngCursed Grimtooth [2]

Regional Yuno Quest Yuno

28747.pngEarth Dragon's Dagger [2


Regional Item Exchange Amatsu

28749.pngYin Yang Dagger [2]

Regional Item Exchange Louyang

28748.pngEarth Dragon's Asura [2]

Regional Item Exchange Amatsu

28750.pngYin Yang Asura [2]

Regional Item Exchange Louyang
13076.pngRaksasa Dagger [2]


Prison Breaker Navigation
28760.pngGolden Pocket Knife [1] Fever Siorava Navigation

28769.pngValkyrie Dagger [2]

Fever Angelic Skeggiold Navigation

13077.pngKagekiri [2]

Fever Frus Navigation

13078.pngMikacheuki [2]

Fever Skogul Navigation

28770.pngWind Walker Dagger [2]

Fever Bone Acidus Navigation
Fever Bone Ferus Navigation