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The Cute Pet System is a system where you can tame monsters that appear in fields and dungeons.

The tamed monster will always follow the owner and show various performances depending on the monster's type, intimacy, and situation.

In addition, each monster has its own abilities, and can be a great addition to the owner through abilities such as intimacy.


  • Pets can be renamed to any nick name you wish to give.
  • Pet Intimacy
    • By feeding the pet, the friendship with the pet is improved.
    • However, if you give them too much food or do not feed them, they will turn sad face.
    • Intimacy will drop when the owner character dies.
    • Pets may run away if intimacy continues to fall.
  • Pet Evolution
    • Some pets can evolve when they are Loyal.
    • Their hunger bar also must be filled before they can evolve.
    • To evolve a pet, you need to have required items in inventory.
  • To tame a pet, you need a taming item which the pet likes, each pet has their own favorite.
  • Auto feeding
    • Have the correct pet food in inventory with good amount.
    • Set your pet on auto feed and it will feed your pet even when you are afk.

Note: The listed pets below are all avaialble pets in our current patch. If you obtain a taming item of pet that is not in this list, it will fail to catch that pet.

1st Generation Pets

Name Taming Item Accessory Food Loyal Bonus


Poring Pet

9001.pngPoring Egg

619.pngUnripe Apple

Drop by Mastering, Cheppet, Champion Porings.


Sold by Pet Groomer in major cities.

531.pngApple Juice

LUK +3 

Critical +1

Savage Babe

Savage Babe Pet

9009.pngSavage Babe Egg

627.pngSweet Milk

Drop by Savage Babe, Champion Savage Babe.

10015.pngGreen Lace

537.pngPet Food

VIT + 2

HP + 75


Rocker Pet

9011.pngRocker Egg

629.pngSinging Flower

Drop by Flora.

Monster Tamer NPC in alberta_in 173/76

10014.pngRocker Glasses

537.pngPet Food

HP Recovery Rate + 6%

HP + 38

Peco Peco

Peco Peco Pet

9014.pngPeco Peco Egg

632.pngFatty Chubby Earthworm

Drop by Hode, Champion Hode.

10010.pngBattered Pot

537.pngPet Food

HP + 200


Yoyo Pet

9016.pngYoyo Egg

634.pngTropical Banana

Drop by Choco, Lady Tanee.

10018.pngMonkey Circlet

532.pngBanana Juice

Critical + 5

Orc Warrior

Orc Warrior Pet

9017.pngOrc Warrior Egg

635.pngOrc Trophy

Monster Tamer NPC in izlude_in 55/105

10009.pngWild Flower

537.pngPet Food

ATK + 15


Dokebi Pet

9019.pngDokebi Egg

637.pngOld Broom

Drop by Alice, Bathory, Champion Bathory.


537.pngPet Food MATK + 2%



9021.pngIsis Egg

639.pngArmlet of Obedience

Drop by Verit, Maya, Variant Maya.

10006.pngQueen's Hair Ornament

537.pngPet Food

ATK + 2%

Green Petite

Green Petite

9022.pngGreen Petite Egg

640.pngShining Stone

Drop by Zenorc.

10011.pngStellar Hairpin

537.pngPet Food

AGI + 1

ASPD + 1%



9023.pngDeviruchi Egg

641.pngContract in Shadow

Drop by Joker.



HP + 1%

SP + 1%

MATK + 1%

ATK + 1%



9025.pngBongun Egg

659.pngHer Heart

Munak's Grandma NPC in Comodo 112/182

Requires 1558.pngGirl's Diary [1] & 901.pngDaenggie

10020.pngGrave Keeper's Sword

537.pngPet Food

VIT + 2

Stun Resistance + 2%



9037.pngWanderer Egg

27052.pngWanderer's Skull

Drop by Alarm.

N/A 7824.pngSpirit Liquor AGI + 4



9045.pngWhisper Egg

12363.pngFit Pipe

Drop by Whisper.

10027.pngPet Soul Ring 6100.pngDamp Darkness

FLEE + 10

Enables use of Hiding Skill

Nightmare Terror

Nightmare Terror

9054.pngNightmare Terror Egg

12372.pngHell Contract

Drop by Gargoyle.

10036.pngHorn Of Hell 6112.pngFresh Plant

INT + 1

Resistance to Sleep + 100%

Stone Shooter

Stone Shooter

9051.pngStone Shooter Egg

12369.pngOilpalm Coconut

Drop by Stone Shooter.

10033.pngAfro 6109.pngPlant Neutrient Resistance to Fire Element + 5%

Loli Ruri

Loli Luri

9042.pngLoli Ruri Egg

12360.pngVery Red Juice

Drop by Petite (Sky).

10024.pngFashion Glasses 6097.pngPumpkin Pie

HP + 3%

Autocasts Level 2 Heal

when attacked.

Little Poring

Little Poring

9062.pngBaby Poring Egg

12846.pngLittle Unripe Apple

Novice Quest

N/A 531.pngApple Juice HP Recovery Rate + 75%

Nine Tail

Nine Tail

9095.pngNine Tail Egg

23187.pngSap Liquid

Drop by Shining Plant. (r0 Custom)

N/A 25231.pngSuspicious Bottle

Critical + 3

HIT + 2



9102.pngMummy Egg

23256.pngElixir Bandages

Drop by Evil Druid.

N/A 934.pngMemento HIT + 5


1st Evolution Pets

Name Evolution Mats Accessory Food Loyal Bonus



9069.pngMastering Egg

Loyal and Full Poring

500x 909.pngJellopy

10x 619.pngUnripe Apple

150x 7126.pngLarge Jellopy

1x 4001.pngPoring Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

LUK + 3

Critical + 3



9070.pngSavage Egg

Loyal and Full Savage Babe

500x 1028.pngMane

5x 627.pngSweet Milk

150x 949.pngFeather

1x 4017.pngSavage Babe Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

VIT + 2

HP + 200



9106.pngMetaller Egg

Loyal and Full Rocker

3x 707.pngSinging Plant

777x 940.pngGrasshopper's Leg

150x 935.pngShell

1x 4057.pngMetaller Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

HP Recovery + 20%

HP + 70

Physical and Magical attack to Plant + 6%

High Orc

High Orc

9087.pngHigh Orc Egg

Loyal and Full Orc Warrior

5x 635.pngOrc Trophy

5x 25508.pngOrc General's Token

750x 931.pngOrcish Voucher

1x 4066.pngOrc Warrior Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food ATK + 25

Ancient Mummy

Ancient Mummy

9107.pngAncient Mummy Egg

Loyal and Full Mummy

5x 23256.pngElixir Bandages

500x 934.pngMemento

5x 969.pngGold

1x 4106.pngMummy Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

HIT + 6

Physical and Magical attack to Dragon + 6%



9091.pngChoco Egg

Loyal and Full Yoyo

5x 634.pngTropical Banana

10x 753.pngYoyo Doll

300x 7182.pngCacao

1x 4051.pngYoyo Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

Critical + 9

Ranged physical attack + 3%



9093.pngHyegun Egg

Loyal and Full Bongun

5x 659.pngHer Heart

100x 7277.pngMunak Doll

30x 7014.pngOld Portrait

1x 4212.pngBongun Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

VIT + 4

Stun resistance + 4%

Chance to drain 1% SP when attack

Little Isis

Little Isis

9090.pngLittle Isis Egg

Loyal and Full Isis

5x 639.pngArmlet of Obedience

2x 751.pngOsiris Doll

30x 733.pngCracked Diamond

1x 4116.pngIsis Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food Weapon ATK Power + 4%

Deleter (Earth)

Deleter Earth

9098.pngFire Deleter Egg

Loyal and Full Petite

5x 640.pngShining Stone

100x 6260.pngPetite's Tail

150x 606.pngAloevera

1x 4279.pngEarth Deleter Card

2x 25430.pngMythril


N/A 537.pngPet Food

AGI + 3

Reduce delay after attack by 3%

Grand Peco Peco

Grand Peco

9071.pngGrand Peco Peco Egg

Loyal and Full Peco Peco

10x 537.pngPet Food

5x 632.pngFatty Chubby Earthworm

300x 7101.pngPeco Peco Feather

1x 4031.pngPeco Peco Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food HP + 400



9097.pngDiabolic Egg

Loyal and Full Deviruchi

3x 641.pngContract in Shadow

250x 1039.pngLittle Evil Wing

30x 1009.pngHand of God

1x 4122.pngDeviruchi Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

Weapon ATK Power + 2%

Magical ATK Power + 2%

HP + 2%

SP + 2%

Chance to deal Fire Bolt Lv 3 when melee physical attacking

Am Mut

Am Mut

9089.pngAm Mut Egg

Loyal and Full Dokebi

3x 637.pngOld Broom

3x 981.pngViolet Dyestuffs

300x 1021.pngDokebi Horn

3x 969.pngGold

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food Magic ATK + 4%

Cat o Nine Tail

Cat o Nine Tail

9096.pngCat o Nine Tail Egg

Loyal and Full Nine Tail

3x 23187.pngSap Liquid

999x 1022.pngNine Tails

1x 10008.pngPunisher

1x 4159.pngNine Tail Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

Critical + 5 

Hit + 5

Chance to regen 400 HP every 5 seconds when melee physical attack

Rigid Nightmare Terror

Rigid Nightmare Terror

9116.pngRigid Nightmare Terror Egg


Loyal and Full Nightmare Terror

500x 7120.pngBurning Horseshoe

100x 510.pngBlue Herb

100x 935.pngShell

1x 4166.pngNightmare Terror Card

2x 25430.pngMythril

N/A 537.pngPet Food

INT + 4

SP + 3%

Immune to Sleep

2nd Evolution Pets

Name Evolution Mats Accessory Food Loyal Bonus



9088.pngAngeling Egg

Loyal and Full Mastering

20x 503.pngYellow Potion

1x 2282.pngHalo

50x 509.pngWhite Herb

200x 909.pngJellopy

N/A 537.pngPet Food

HP + 2%

Healing power + 8%

Common Pets

Name Taming Item Accessory Food Loyal Bonus



9002.pngDrops Egg

620.pngOrange Juice 10013.pngBackpack 508.pngYellow Herb

HIT +5

ATK +5



9004.pngLunatic Egg

622.pngRainbow Carrot 10007.pngSilk Ribbon 534.pngCarrot Juice


ATK +3



9005.pngPicky Egg

623.pngEarthworm the Dude 10012.pngTiny Egg Shell 507.pngRed Herb

STR +2

ATK +8



9006.pngChonchon Egg

624.pngRotten Fish 10002.pngMonster Oxygen Mask 537.pngPet Food

AGI +2


Steel Chonchon

Steel Chonchon

9007.pngSteel Chonchon Egg

625.pngRusty Iron 10002.pngMonster Oxygen Mask 1002.pngIron Ore FLEE +9

Hunter Fly

Hunter Fly

9008.pngHunter Fly Egg

626.pngMonster Juice 10002.pngMonster Oxygen Mask 716.pngRed Gemstone


HIT +1

Baby Desert Wolf

Baby Desert Wolf

9010.pngBaby Desert Wolf Egg

628.pngWell-Dried Bone 10003.pngTransparent Head Protector 537.pngPet Food

INT +2

MaxSP +75



9012.pngSpore Egg

630.pngDew Laden Moss 10017.pngBark Shorts 537.pngPet Food HIT +8

Poison Spore

Poison Spore

9013.pngPoison Spore Egg

631.pngDeadly Noxious Herb 10017.pngBark Shorts 537.pngPet Food

STR +2

INT +2



9015.pngSmokie Egg

633.pngSweet Potato 10019.pngRed Scarf 537.pngPet Food

AGI +2


Baphomet Jr

Bapho Jr

9024.pngBapho Jr. Egg

642.pngBook of the Devil

10001.pngSkull Helm 518.pngHoney

DEF +2


Increased resistance to Stun



9020.pngSohee Egg

638.pngSilver Knife of Chastity

10016.pngGolden Bell 537.pngPet Food

STR +2

DEX +2

Evil Nymph

Evil Nymph

9047.pngEvil Nymph Egg

12365.pngCharming Lotus

Drops by Evil Nymph

10029.pngJade Trinket 6105.pngMorning Dew

MaxSP +45

Natural SP recovery +8%



9111.pngPhreeoni Egg

Exchange from Gold Hand NPC None 25377.pngLuxurious Pet Food

Perfect Hit Rate +15%

HIT +18

Moonlight Flower

Moonlight Flower

9112.pngMoonlight Egg

Exchange from Gold Hand NPC None 25377.pngLuxurious Pet Food


HIT +6

Random chance to restore HP by 500 and SP by
20 per second for 5 sec by when dealing physical attack.

Event Pets

Name Taming Item Accessory Food Loyal Bonus

Sweet Drops

Sweet Drops

9109.pngSweet Drops Egg

Event Pet

Evolution from Drops during Sweets Festival

None 529.pngCandy

Drop Rate +3%



9081.pngDuckling Egg

Custom Pet 10041.pngShiny Star Button 567.pngShrimp EXP Rate +10%



9101.pngScatleton Crate

Event Pet 10040.pngRed Bell Necklace 579.pngFresh Fish

Increase heal effect

of 579.pngFresh Fish

Cute Pet NPCs

NPC Name List of Items

Cute Pet Manager

Cute Pet Manager offers plenty of unique Pet Accessories for sale. He accepts 25376.pngCute Pet Coin.

Cute Pet Machine

Insert 10x 25376.pngCute Pet Coin for a chance to obtain a random item.

Gold Hand

Gold Hand is follower of Bermund, he takes care of the unique pet eggs.

Exchange materials into special eggs.