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Crusaders are more built for shield usage and have the ability to use Holy magic such as Grand Cross and Sacrifice. As such, they serve the Prontera Church and seek to protect its clergy from the evils of the world.

After the establishment of the Church of Odin, Crusaders were founded to help protect those who are devoted to Odinism. They aid members of the church in eradicating demons and evil spirits from the world.

From youth, disciples who have been trained for the sacred war within the temple begin their activities with a terrific power. Unlike many other writings, for those who swore allegiance to Odin and not the king, any suffering is considered to be one way to Odin; punished by death and fire. In the midst of all crisis, they did not forget to worship Odin, and their humility allows them to turn all their good deeds into godliness and enable them to use the power of miracles from the gods. Particularly good at shielding combat, they have a natural knack for defensive abilities, able to lead and break through critical situations. In accordance with the adventure recruitment announcement by Tristan III, King of Rune-Midgarts, Crusaders will take the adventure to raise the name of the Knights of the Rune-Midgarts and to recruit others to prepare in the temple like themselves.


Job Change Quests


Job Tree

Basic 1st 2nd
Novice Swordman Crusader
Job Level 10 Job Level 50 Job Level 50



Skill Tree

1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Description Cast Time
Basic_Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive
  • Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills.
  • (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.)


First_Aid.png First Aid  (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.


Sword_Mastery.png Sword Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increase One-Handed Sword and Dagger class weapons damage.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level.


Two-Handed_Sword_Mastery.png Two-Handed Sword Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increase Two-Handed Sword class weapons damage.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level.


Increase_HP_Recovery.png Increase HP Recovery 10 Passive
  • Restores HP every 10 seconds while idle.
  • MaxHP affects how much HP restoration is increased by this skill.
  • (5 HP + 0.2% of MaxHP) * Skill Level. 


Bash.png Bash 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single
  • Hits an enemy with crushing force. If Fatal Blow skill is learned, Bash will have an added Stun effect at level 6 and higher.
  • Damage +30% + (30% * Skill Level)
  • HIT rate +5% * Skill Level
Magnum_Break.png Magnum Break 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single
  • Use 30 SP to inflict Fire elemental damage on 5x5 AoE around the caster and push them 2 cells backward.
  • For 10 sec after Magmum Break, caster's weapon will receive 20% Fire elemental attack enhancement.
  • Damage +20% +(20% * Skill Level)
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 1700ms
Provoke.png Provoke 10 Supportive
  • Type: Debuff
  • Target: Single
  • Enrages a target, reducing Defense by VIT on Player and physical defense on Monster, while increasing its attack power.
  • Can't be used on Undead and Boss monsters.
  • Damage +2% + (3% * Skill Level)
  • Defense -5% - (5% * Skill Level)


Endure.png Endure 10 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Enables attacking and moving while receiving damage, but not effective when attacked by magic and offensive skills. 
  • Endure status will be cancelled after caster is hit by 7 attacks.
  • Has no effect in War of Emperium area.
  • Mdef +1 * Skill Level
  • Cool Down: 10000ms
Berserk.png Auto Berserk (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Empowered by rage, character enter condition that is equivalent to level 10 Provoke status when HP is reduced to less than 25% of MaxHP.
  • Provoked status last until character HP is restored to more than 25% of MaxHP or if Provoke effect is nullified.
Fatal_Blow.png Fatal Blow (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Causes stun status on targeted enemy when using Level 6 Bash or higher. 
  • The chance of inflicing Stun increases with Bash skill level and Base Level of the caster.


Fatal_Blow.png Moving HP Recovery (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Enables natural recovery of HP while moving.
  • Only 25% of the HP that is naturally recovered while standing is restored during movement. 
  • The Increase Recovery skill does not affect HP recovery while moving.


2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description Cast Time
Cavalier_Mastery.png Cavalry Mastery 5 Passive
  • Reduces the 50% ASPD penalty when riding a PecoPeco.
Cure.png Cure 1 Supportive
  • Target: Single
  • Cures the target from Silence, Chaos and Blind status effects.
  • After Cast Delay: 1000ms
Defending_Aura.png Defender 5 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Requires: Shield
  • Reduces damage taken from long ranged physical attack at the cost of decreasing ASPD and movement speeds for the skill's duration.
  • Casting this skill again cancels the Defender status.
  • Ranged damage reduction -5% - (15% * Skill Level)
  • ASPD -20% + (5% * Skill Level)
    • (No ASPD penalty at level 5)
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 800ms
Demon_Bane.png Demon Bane 10 Passive
  • Increases attack power against Demon and Undead monsters.
  • Character level affects damage bonus.
  • Damage increased by this skill is added after final damage is counted.
  • Damage +3 * Skill Level
Divine_Protection.png Divine Protection 10 Passive
  • Reduces damage taken from Demon and Undead monsters.
  • Character level affects damage reduction.
  • Damage reduction is added after the final damage is counted.
  • Damage reduction 3 * Skill Level
Faith.png Faith 10 Passive
  • Increases Max HP and resistance to Holy-property attacks.
  • Max HP +200 * Skill Level
  • Holy resistance 5% * Skill Level
Grand_Cross.png Grand Cross 10 Offensive
  • Target: Ground, AoE, Enemy
  • Summons a cross of holy light on the ground around the caster that will damage enemies that come into contact with it.
  • Grand Cross will cause the Blind effect on Undead and Demon monsters aside from Boss monster.
  • The caster consumes 20% HP when using this skill.
  • Physical and Magical Damage +120% + (20% * Skill Level) 
  • Variable Cast Time: 1000ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 500ms
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 1000ms
Auto_guard.gif Auto Guard 10 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Requires: Shield
  • Activates auto Guard status which has a chance of blocking long and short range physical attack for the skill duration.
  • When this skill block an attack, caster is immobilized for 0.3 seconds, this time can be reduced with higher skill level.
  • Casting this skill during Auto Guard, will cancel the effect.
  • Chance to Block +5% * Skill Level
  • After Cast Walk Delay: 100ms on level 10
Heal.png Heal 10 Supportive
  • Target: Single
  • Restores target's HP.
  • Skill level, caster's base level and total INT affect the amount of HP restored.
  • Weapon refine level and MATK also affect the amount of HP restored.
  • After Cast Delay: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 700ms
Holy_Cross.png Holy Cross 10 Offensive
  • Target: Single, Enemy
  • Attacks an enemy with a double hit Holy attack that has the chance of causing Blind status.
  • Damage 35% * Skill Level each hit
Peco_Peco_Ride.png Riding 1 Passive
  • Enables riding of Peco Peco.
Resistant_Souls.png Providence 5 Supportive
  • Target: Party member
  • Temporarily increases party member's resistance to Demon and Holy elemental monsters.
  • Resistance +5% * Skill Level
  • Variable Cast Time: 1500ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 1500ms
Sacrifice.png Devotion 5 Supportive
  • Target: Party member
  • Protects a party member by receiving all damage intended to the targeted ally.
  • Devotion only works when level difference between caster and party member is less than 10.
  • The skill's effect is cancelled when the party moves out of the skill's range or dies.
  • Cannot be used for other Crusader class.
  • Party member 1 * Skill Level
  • Variable Cast Time: 1500ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 1500ms
Shield_Boomerang.png Shield Boomerang 5 Offensive
  • Target: Single, Enemy
  • Requires: Shield
  • Attacks an enemy from a distance by throwing a Shield.
  • The shield's weight and refine level affect the amount of damage that is inflicted.
  • Damage -100% + (80% * Skill level)
  • After Cast Delay: 500ms
  • Cool Down: 500ms
Shield_Reflect.png Shield Reflect 10 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Requires: Shield
  • Reflects a certain amount of damage with melee physical attack.
  • Damage reflection ratio 10% + (3% * Skill Level)
Smite.png Shield Charge 5 Offensive
  • Target: Single, Enemy
  • Requires: Shield
  • Smashes a shield into an enemy, pushing it a few cells backward with a chance of causing Stun status.
  • Damage +20% * Skill Level
  • Knockback distance 4 + (1* Skill Level)
  • Stun chance 15% + (5% * Skill Level)
Spear_Mastery.png Spear Mastery 10 Passive
  • Increases Spear class weapon damage.
  • When riding  a Peco Peco, it will add bonus damage by 1 per skill level.
  • Damage +4 * Skill Level
Spear_Quicken.png Spear Quicken 10 Suportive
  • Target: Self
  • Increases attack speed by 10%, when using spear weapon during skill duration.
  • The effect wears off if you unequip spear weapon or replace with another weapon type.
  • CRIT +3 * Skill Level
  • FLEE +2 * Skill Level 
RTENOTITLE Shrink (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Must be used with Auto Guard to have effect to push back monster.
  • When a monster attacks and triggers the Guard effect, this skill adds a chance of pushing that monster 2 cells backward.
  • The push back success rate is 5% for each successive Auto Guard skill level.
  • At level 10 Auto Guard, the push back effect is 50%.
  • Shrink has a 5 minutes duration, and is cancelled if it is double cast.