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Special headgear equipped in the Costume equipment tab.

The costume headgear replaces the looks of normal headgear.

There are various ways to obtain costume headgear, in this page, you will learn all of it.  

Union Costume Heats

Costume headgear from Union shops.


Prontera Knighttage Odin Orthodoxy Dark Shadow
Hunter Guild Magic Academy Merchant Alliance

Egg Scroll Costume Hats

Ragna0 has many different types of Egg Scrolls, and many of them contains fancy costume hats.

Egg Scroll Name Possible Costumes Source
27010.pngAngelic Egg Scroll
27324.pngPope Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27383.pngCyber Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27382.pngBlazing Egg Scroll
  • Instance Timerun Records
27388.pngSinister Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27495.pngGalaxy Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27500.pngGama Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27517.pngV Egg Scroll(Gold)
  • Vote Shop
27518.pngV Egg Scroll(Rainbow)
  • Vote Shop
27531.pngSapphire Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27532.pngTopaz Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27533.pngAmethyst Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
27534.pngEmerald Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop
 70001.pngMystic Egg Scroll 1
  • Cash Shop
70002.pngMystic Egg Scroll 2
  • Cash Shop
70003.pngMystic Egg Scroll 3
  • Cash Shop
70004.pngMystic Egg Scroll 4
  • Cash Shop
70005.pngMystic Egg Scroll 5
  • Cash Shop
70006.pngMystic Egg Scroll 6
  • Cash Shop
70007.pngDark Egg Scroll
  • Cash Shop

 70008.pngLimited Monthly Scroll 1

Costumes obtained from 'limted' tag will have +30% exp rate effect.

  • Cash Shop

Seasonal Event Costume Hats

Event Costumes

Autumn Festival

2020.10.01 ~ 2020.10.27

Malangdo Noodle Festival

2020.08.03 ~ 2020.09.07

Comodo Opening Party

2020.07.03 ~ 2020.08.03

Ranking Costume Hats

Ranking Costumes

From monthly MvP Ranking, sends to the top 15 players on the 1st of each month.

27363.pngMvP Costume Box

From our weekly PvP Ranking.

27364.pngPvP Costume Box

From Monthly top Blacksmith forgers.

27389.pngBlacksmith's Gift Box

From Monthly top Alchemist ranking.

27390.pngAlchemist's Gift Box

Achievement Costume Hats

List of Costumes from Achievement  

Jeremy Beauty Store Wig Costume Hats

27336.pngRandom Wig Box (1) 27337.pngRandom Wig Box (2) 27338.pngRandom Wig Box (3) 27339.pngRandom Wig Box (4)
27340.pngRandom Wig Box (5) 27341.pngRandom Wig Box (6) 27342.pngRandom Wig Box (7) 27343.pngRandom Wig Box (8)

Zelstar Machine Costume Hats

Costume headgear from Zelstar Machine inside Prontera Adventurer's Inn.

The headgear rotates every week.

Zelstar Costume headgear list

Zero Group Costumes

Costume headgear you can buy from Shop inside Zero Group.