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A special cooking feature for you to produce stats dishes, also with exclusive Zero mechanism updates.

Furry Chef's Request

  • Rewards
    • Access to his Cooking book Shop.
    • Access to Gourmet Assorted Dish making services.
    • Able to enhance your Cooking experience when using Cooking kits.
  1. Speak with Ferichef to for the first time, he will request you to craft a 5026.pngChef Hat
  2. Put on your brand new 5026.pngChef Hat and Furry Chef will offer to teleport you to Prontera Castle, and speak to Charles Orleans.
  3. Charles will rest abit after teaching you the first lesson, it's time to speak with Madeleine Chu.
    • Madeleine Chu
    • She will guide you to cook using cooking kits with cooking book, and rewards you with:
    • ''''Side Info: Speaking to Charles will bring up Child with cat dialog.
  4. In order to continue this cooking journey, you have to bring following dishes to Madeleine Chu.
  5. Chu will wrap all the dishes you made into a 12111.pngBundle of Food, bring it to Servant in Payon.
    • Chulsoo
    • "Actually, Madeleine sent me..."
    • A secret letter was included inside the Buddle of Food as well...
    • Servant Chulsoo will reward you with his master piece 555.pngTraditional Rice Cake.
  6. Give Chulsoo's regards to Madeleine Chu, she has something for you.
  7. Head back to Furry Chef, and tell him everything about your cooking journey.
    • He will be proud of you and allows you to purchase from his secret cooking store.

Assorted Dish by Gourmet Chef

There are two ways to prepare Assorted Dishes.

  • Follow the recipe books and cook them yourself.
  • Ask Gourmet Chef to help you prepare the dishes in exchange of zeny.
  • Gourmet Chef

Chef Assistants

The chef assistants can be found in major towns.

She helps the Food association by selling ingredients and flavors to those in need.

Chef Assistant

List of items sold by Chef Assistants

Cooking Guide

  1. Obtain a cooking book, example 7472.pngLevel 1 Cookbook.
  2. Obtain a cooking kit, example 12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit
  3. Read the Cooking Book and choose a dish you wish to make, for example:
    • Farm 1x Honey, 2x Grapes and 1x Red Potion, have them in inventory.
  4. Use your Cooking Kit while having all needed materials.
    • Select OK.
  5. There is a good chance to FAIL.
  6. The better cooking Kit you use, the more chance you have to success cooking.
  • Note: If you have completed the Cooking quest:
    • You can use Special Cooking Kits.
    • New Cooking

Cooking Kits and Cooking Books

Cooking Kit Cooking success Where to get?

12125.pngOutdoor Cooking Kit


Sold by Chef Assistant

12126.pngHome Cooking Kit


Sold by Chef Assistant

12127.pngProfessional Cooking Kit


Sold by Chef Assistant

Monster drop

12128.pngRoyal Cooking Kit

60% Monster drop

12129.pngFantastic Cooking Kit

70% Monster drop


Cooking Book Reciept Where to get?
7472.pngLevel 1 Cookbook
  • Level 1 stats food.
  • Sold by Chef Assistant
7473.pngLevel 2 Cookbook
  • Level 2 stats food.
  • Sold by Chef Assistant
7474.pngLevel 3 Cookbook
  • Level 3 stats food.
  • Sold by Chef Assistant
7475.pngLevel 4 Cookbook
  • Level 4 stats food.
  • Sold by Chef Assistant
7476.pngLevel 5 Cookbook
  • Level 5 stats food.
  • Sold by Chef Assistant
7477.pngLevel 6 Cookbook
  • Level 6 stats food.
  • Sold by Furry Chef
7478.pngLevel 7 Cookbook
  • Level 7 stats food.
  • Sold by Furry Chef
7479.pngLevel 8 Cookbook
  • Level 8 stats food.
  • Sold by Furry Chef
7480.pngLevel 9 Cookbook
  • Level 9 stats food.
  • Sold by Furry Chef
7481.pngLevel 10 Cookbook
  • Level 10 stats food.
  • Sold by Furry Chef