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These monsters are variants of existing monsters that are stronger and offer greater experience. In order to spawn them, you have to defeat their minions 30 times to spawn the Champion.

Example: Defeat 30 Porings on the designed map to spawn a champion Poring.

There are five types of champion monsters:

  • Swift These monsters have higher Movement Speed, five times their Max HP.
  • Solid These monsters have lower Movement Speed, ten times their Max HP.
  • Ringleader These monsters summon two of the regular versions of themselves. Additionally, they have five times their Max HP.
  • Furious These monsters have higher ASPD, five times their Max HP and slightly higher Hit.
  • Elusive These monsters have five times the health and will likely teleport all over the map when they see fit.

Search for the key prefix key words "Swift", "Solid" etc in the Navigation to see more information about the existing champion monsters in the server.

Monster Details - Example (List not updated)

Location Minion Champion
Prontera Field 0 Roda Frog Roda Frog Ringleader
Prontera Field 1 Lunatic Lunatic Ringleader
Prontera Field 2 Stainer Elusive Stainer
Prontera Field 3 Yoyo Swift Yoyo
Prontera Field 4 Ambernite Elusive Ambernite
Prontera Field 5 Hornet Elusive Hornet
Prontera Field 6 Fabre Solid Fabre
Prontera Field 7 Rocker Elusive Rocker
Prontera Field 8 Lunatic Solid Lunatic
Prontera Field 9 Magnolia Elusive Magnolia
Prontera Field 10 Elder Willow Swift Elder Willow
Prontera Field 11 Goblin Elusive Goblin
Prontera Culvert F1 Familiar Elusive Familiar
Prontera Culvert F2 Thief Bug Furious Thief Bug
Prontera Culvert F3 Thief Bug Thief Bug Ringleader
Prontera Culvert F4 Thief Bug Solid Thief Bug
Labyrinth Forest F1 Savage Solid Savage
Labyrinth Forest F2 Poporing Furious Poporing
Labyrinth Forest F3 Poporing Poporing Ringleader
Labyrinth Forest F3 Mantis Swift Mantis


Location Minion Champion
Payon Field 1 Willow Willow Ringleader
Payon Field 2 Boa Boa Ringleader
Payon Field 3 Fabre Fabre Ringleader
Payon Field 4 Poporing Elusive Poporing
Payon Field 7 Bigfoot Bigfoot Ringleader
Payon Field 8 Wormtail Wormtail Ringleader
Payon Field 9 Horn Solid Horn
Payon Cave F1 Zombie Furious Zombie
Payon Cave F2 Soldier Skeleton Furious Soldier Skeleton
Payon Cave F3 Soldier Skeleton Soldier Skeleton Ringleader
Payon Cave F5 Dokebi Furious Dokebi


Location Minion Champion
Geffen Field 0 Chonchon Elusive Chonchon
Geffen Field 1 Roda Frog Furious Roda Frog
Geffen Field 2 Coco Solid Coco
Geffen Field 3 Orc Lady Solid Orc Lady
Geffen Field 4 Mandragora Solid Mandragora
Geffen Field 5 Creamy Swift Creamy
Geffen Field 6 Petite Solid Petite
Geffen Field 7 Poring Swift Poring
Geffen Field 8 Petite Swift Petite
Geffen Field 9 Coco Swift Coco
Geffen Field 10 Orc Warrior Furious Orc Warrior
Geffen Field 11 Goblin Swift Goblin
Geffen Dungeon F1 Hunter Fly Furious Hunter Fly
Geffen Dungeon F2 Ghoul Elusive Ghoul
Geffen Dungeon F3 Deviruchi Solid Deviruchi
Orcs Dungeon 1 Orc Zombie Elusive Orc Zombie
Orcs Dungeon 2 Orc Skeleton Swift Orc Skeleton


Location Minion Champion
Morroc Field 1 Muka Muka Ringleader
Morroc Field 2 Peco Peco Elusive Peco Peco
Morroc Field 3 Wolf Swift Wolf
Morroc Field 11 Baby Desert Wolf Furious Baby Desert Wolf
Morroc Field 12 Picky Furious Picky
Morroc Field 13 Steel Chonchon Solid Steel Chonchon
Morroc Field 16 Sandman Furious Sandman
Morroc Field 17 Hode Furious Hode
Morroc Field 18 Scorpion Elusive Scorpion
Inside Pyramid F2 Mummy Solid Mummy
Inside Pyramid F3 Mummy Swift Mummy
Inside Pyramid F4 Isis Solid Isis
Inside Pyramid F5 Minorous Elusive Minorous
Inside Pyramid B2 Mimic Elusive Mimic
Sphinx F1 Drainliar Elusive Drainliar
Sphinx F2 Requiem Solid Requiem
Sphinx F3 Marduk Elusive Marduk
Sphinx F4 Minorous Swift Minorous
Sphinx F5 Pasana Swift Pasana
Ant Hell Dungeon 2 Andre Solid Andre


Location Minion Champion
Mr. Mjolnir 1 Caramel Swift Caramel
Mr. Mjolnir 2 Elder Willow Solid Elder Willow
Mr. Mjolnir 3 Side Winder Side Winder Ringleader
Mr. Mjolnir 4 Driller Furious Driller
Mr. Mjolnir 5 Argiope Swift Argiope
Mr. Mjolnir 6 Poison Spore Solid Poison Spore
Mr. Mjolnir 7 Savage Savage Ringleader
Mr. Mjolnir 8 Beetle King Furious Beetle King
Mr. Mjolnir 9 Savage Babe Swift Savage Babe
Mr. Mjolnir 10 Argos Furious Argos
Mr. Mjolnir 11 Argiope Elusive Argiope
Mr. Mjolnir 12 Dustiness Furious Dustiness
Mjolnir Dead Pit F1 Tarou Tarou Ringleader
Mjolnir Dead Pit F2 Martin Solid Martin
Mjolnir Dead Pit F3 Skeleton Worker Elusive Skeleton Worker
Clock Tower F1 Rideword Solid Rideword
Clock Tower F2 Clock Furious Clock
Clock Tower F3 Alarm Elusive Alarm
Clock Tower F4 Clock Clock Ringleader
Clock Tower B1 Arclouze Arclouze Ringleader
Clock Tower B2 High Orc Solid High Orc
Clock Tower B3 Penomena Furious Penomena
Clock Tower B4 Bathory Furious Bathory


Location Minion Champion
Yuno Field 1 Geographer Solid Geographer
Yuno Field 2 Sleeper Swift Sleeper
Yuno Field 3 Harpy Furious Harpy
Yuno Field 4 Harpy Harpy Ringleader
Yuno Field 6 Sleeper Elusive Sleeper
Yuno Field 7 Goat Goat Ringleader
Yuno Field 8 Grand Peco Grand Peco Ringleader
Yuno Field 9 Grand Peco Solid Grand Peco
Yuno Field 11 Goat Solid Goat
Yuno Field 12 Geographer Swift Geographer
Center of Juperos Dimik Swift Dimik
Ruins of Juperos F1 Venatu Furious Venatu
Ruins of Juperos F2 Apocalypse Furious Apocalypse
Kiel Dungeon 1 Aliza Aliza Ringleader
Kiel Dungeon 2 Alicel Furious Alicel
Kiel's Room Constant Furious Constant
Magma Dungeon F1 Explosion Furious Explosion
Magma Dungeon F2 Nightmare Terror Furious Nightmare Terror


Izlude Byalan Island Dungeon
Location Minion Champion
Undersea Tunnel F1 Plankton Furious Plankton
Undersea Tunnel F2 Vadon Solid Vadon
Undersea Tunnel F3 Cornutus Solid Cornutus
Undersea Tunnel F4 Phen Elusive Phen
Undersea Tunnel F5 Merman Furious Merman


Location Minion Champion
Turtle Island Dragon Tail Swift Dragon Tail
Turtle Island Dungeon F1 Solider Solid Solider
Turtle Island Dungeon F2 Freezer Freezer Ringleader
Turtle Island Dungeon F3 Assaulter Assaulter Ringleader
Turtle Island Dungeon F4 Freezer Solid Freezer
Sunken Ship F1 Pirate Skeleton Swift Sailor Skeleton
Sunken Ship F2 Penomena Penomena Ringleader


Location Minion Champion
Comodo Field 1 Grove Elusive Grove
Comodo Field 2 Seal Swift Seal
Comodo Field 3 Alligator Solid Alligator
Comodo Field 4 Sea Otter Sea Otter Ringleader
Comodo Field 6 Golem Furious Golem
Comodo Field 7 Raggler Elusive Raggler
Comodo Field 8 Deniro Elusive Deniro
Comodo Field 9 Metaller Swift Metaller
Beach Dungeon West Medusa Swift Medusa
Beach Dungeon North Stalactic Golem Furious Stalactic Golem
Beach Dungeon East Thara Frog Elusive Thara Frog


Location Minion  Champion
Amatsu Field Karakasa Swift Karakasa
Amatsu Dungeon F1 Miyabi Doll Miyabi Doll Ringleader
Amatsu Dungeon F2 Poison Toad Swift Poison Toad
Amatsu Dungeon F3 Shinobi Furious Shinobi


Location Minion Champion
Louyang Field Mi Gao Elusive Mi Gao
Louyang Dungeon F1 Jing Guai Elusive Jing Guai
Louyang Dungeon F2 Yao Jun Yao Jun Ringleader
Louyang Dungeon F3 Zhu Po Long Elusive Zhu Po Long


Umbala - Niflheim
Location Minion Champion
Umbala Field 1 Dryad Swift Dryad
Umbala Field 2 Wootan Fighter Furious Wootan Fighter
Umbala Field 3 Parasite Solid Parasite
Umbala Field 4 Wild Rose Furious Wild Rose
Niflheim Lude Furious Lude
Niflheim Field 1 Disguise Elusive Disguise
Niflheim Field 2 Loli Ruri Swift Loli Ruri


Location Minion Champion
Lutie Field Marin Furious Marin
Toy Factory F1 Cookie Cookie Ringleader
Toy Factory F2 Myst Case Furious Myst Case


Glast Heim
Location Minion Champion
Glast Heim Outside Gargoyle Gargoyle Ringleader
Staircase Dungeon Wind Ghost Solid Wind Ghost
Culvert F1 Whisper Solid Whisper
Culvert F2 Gargoyle Furious Gargoyle
Culvert F3 Sting Elusive Sting
Culvert F4 Anolian Furious Anolian
Chivalry F1 Raydric Solid Raydric
Chivalry F2 Raydric Swift Raydric
Inside Glast Heim Marionette Marionette Ringleader
Dungeon F2 Majoruros Furious Majoruros
Underprison F1 Zombie Prisoner Solid Zombie Prisoner
Underprison F2 Injustice Furious Injustice
St. Abbey Church Evil Druid Elusive Evil Druid
Churchyard Dark Priest Furious Dark Priest
Glast Heim Castle F1 Carat Elusive Carat
Glast Heim Castle F2 Wanderer Furious Wanderer