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A list of Bows dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Weapon option click here.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map Chance(%)

1702.pngBow [4]

1-20 Condor Navigation  
1-20 Savage Babe Navigation  
1-20 Ambernite Navigation  

1705.pngComposite Bow [4]

1-20 Fabre Navigation  
41-60 Goblin Archer Navigation  

1708.pngGreat Bow [3]

41-60 Mastering Navigation  
41-60 Archer Skeleton Navigation  
41-60 Verit Navigation  
41-60 Isis Navigation  
61-99 Dokebi Navigation  

1711.pngCrossbow [3]

21-40 Toad Navigation  
21-40 Soldier Skeleton Navigation  
41-60 Crab Navigation  
41-60 Panzer Goblin Navigation  
61-99 Dryad Navigation  

1715.pngArbalest [2]

41-60 Steel Chonchon Navigation  
61-99 Raydric Archer Navigation  
61-99 Rybio Navigation  
61-99 Corrupted Raydric Archer Navigation  
61-99 Ancient Mummy Navigation  

1716.pngGakkung Bow [2]

41-60 Goblin 1 Navigation  
41-60 Mummy Navigation  
61-99 Sohee Navigation  
61-99 Argiope Navigation  
Boss Lady Tanee Navigation  
61-99 Heater Navigation  
61-99 Owl Baron Navigation  

1718.pngHunter Bow

41-60 Greatest General Navigation  
61-99 Stone Shooter Navigation  
61-99 Gargoyle Navigation  

1734.pngOrc Archer Bow

61-99 Orc Archer Navigation  
61-99 Fallen Orc Archer Navigation  
61-99 Dark Orc Archer Navigation  

1720.pngRudra Bow

Boss Tao Gunka beach_dun  

18167.pngOrcish Bow [1]

Fever M/R Dark Orc Archer Navigation  
Fever Boss Dark Orc Lord gef_fild02  

18168.pngPlant Stem Bow [1]

Fever M/R Dark Stem Worm Navigation  


Boss Dracula gef_dun01  

18176.pngThunder Bow [1]

Fever M/R Civil Servant Navigation  

18181.pngFlare Gakkung Bow [1]

Fever M/R Gig Navigation  

18172.pngEarth Dragon's Bow [2]

Regional   Amatsu  

18173.pngYin Yang Bow [2]

Regional   Louyang