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Blacksmiths are the forerunners of Blacksmithing, the art of forging metal into strong and sturdy armor and gear for adventurers.

Blacksmith is one that seeks ores to refine and make weapons with, a profession that trusts in painstaking effort. Rune-Midgarts' lord Tristan III declares the adventure recruitment announcement and the Blacksmith, believing his weapon will help him, fights to increase his reputation in the world of adventure and begins to collect materials and make weapons. Because of the meticulousness of forging weapons, all weapons are treated as a failure to break the scrap metal. Such thoroughness may build up the trust of the Blacksmith and may have saved his life so far.


Job Quests

Job Tree

Basic 1st 2nd
Novice Merchant Blacksmith
Job Level 10 Job Level 50 Job Level 50

Skill Tree

1st Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description Cast Time
Basic Skill.png Basic Skill 10 Passive
  • Enable the use of Basic Interface Skills.
  • (Trading, Emoticon, Sitting, Chat Room, Party, Kafra and at Max Level enables job change.)
First Aid.png First Aid (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Target: Self
  • Use 3 SP to restore 5 HP.
Discount.png Discount 10 Passive
  • Decreases the price of items sold by NPC shops.
  • Discount 5% + (2% * Skill Level) 
  • Max 24% at level 10.
Item Appraisal.png Item Appraisal 1 Active
  • Identifies an unknown item, making it available for use.
Overcharge.png Overcharge 10 Passive
  • Increase amount of zeny received for items sold to NPC shops.
  • Overprice 5% + (2% * Skill Level) 
  • Max 24% at level 10.
Pushcart.png Pushcart 10 Passive
  • Enables rental and use of Purshcart which provide additional storage for items, although items cannot be directly used or equipped from a Pushcart.
  • Pushcart can be rented from Kafra Employees.
  • Movement speed penalty -50% + (5% * Skill Level)
Enlarge Weight Limit.pngEnlarge Weight Limit 10 Passive
  • Increases maximum weight limit.
  • Weight +200 * Skill Level
RTENOTITLE Vending 10 Active
  • Opens a street stall for selling items to other players.
  • Skill level affects the number of items that can be vended at a time.
  • Items 2 + (1 * Skill Level)
RTENOTITLE Mammonite 10 Offensive
  • Type: Physical Melee
  • Target: Single, Enemy
  • Use the power of greed to strike a single target with a strong blow, dealing high damage.
  • Cosumes some Zeny.
  • Damage +50% * Skill Level
  • Zeny cost 100 * Skill Level
RTENOTITLE Crazy Uproar (Quest) 1 Supportive
  • Screams with battle vigor to add STR +4 and ATK +30 on nearby Party Members and yourself, for 5 minutes.
  • Variable Cast Time: 1000ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 300ms
  • Cool Down: 30000ms
RTENOTITLE Change Cart (Quest) 1 Active
  • Change your cart's appearance as you gain levels.
tCOYVem.png Cart Decoration (Quest) 1 Active
  • Change your cart's appearance.
RTENOTITLE Cart Revolution (Quest) 1 Offensive
  • Melee AoE attack that gets stronger as your cart gets heavier.
  • Damage +50% + Cart weight.


2nd Job Skills
Skill Name Max Level Skill Form Short Description Cast Time
RTENOTITLE Adrenaline Rush 5 Active
  • Target: Self, Party Members
  • Increases the Attack Speed of Axe and Mace weapon users in party and yourself for the duration of skill.
  • Increases HIT +5 + (3 * Skill Level)
RTENOTITLE Hammer Fall 5 Active
  • Target: Ground
  • Requirements: Axe or Mace weapon class
  • Pounds a targeted cell to stun enemies in the impacts vicinity.
RTENOTITLE Maximize Power 5 Active
  • Target: Self, Party Members
  • Amplifies weapon attack power by continuously draining a specific amount of SP while skill is active.
  • This skill can be cancelled by casting it once again.
RTENOTITLE Weapon Perfection 5 Active
  • Target: Self, Party Members
  • Nullifies any reduction in damage resulting from monster size.
RTENOTITLE Weapon Repair 1 Active
  • Repairs a broken weapon or armor.
  • Name of weapons that is broken are displayed in Red.
  • Variable Cast Time: 2500ms
  • Fixed Cast Time: 2500ms
RTENOTITLE Greed (Quest) 1 Active
  • Automatically picks up every item within 2 cells of the caster.
  • This skill cannot be used in towns, PvP and WoE maps.
RTENOTITLEPower-Thrust 5 Supportive
  • Target: Self, Party Members
  • Enhances the Weapon Attack Power of caster and party members.
  • Damage Self +5% * Skill Level
  • Damage Party +15% at max level.
RTENOTITLE Dubious Salesmanship (Quest) 1 Passive
  • Reduces the Zeny cost of the skill Mammonite by 10%.
RTENOTITLEHilt Binding 1 Passive
  • STR +1, ATK +4.
  • Increases the durations of Adrenaline Rush, Power-Thrust and Weapon Perfection Skills by 10%.
RTENOTITLE Skin Tempering 5 Passive
  • You have +4~20% Fire resistance and +1~5% Neutral resistance.
RTENOTITLE Enchantedstone Craft 5 Passive
  • Enables the creation of Elemental Stones.
RTENOTITLE Iron Tempering 5 Passive
  • Enables the creation of Iron from Iron Ore.
RTENOTITLE Ore Discovery 1 Passive
  • Adds low chance of finding certain ores when killing monsters.
RTENOTITLE Oridecon Research 5 Passive
  • Increases the chance of crafting Level 3 Weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Axe 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Axe class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Dagger 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Dagger class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Knucklebrace 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Knuckle class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Mace 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Mace class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Spear 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Spear class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Sword 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various One Handed Sword class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Smith Two-handed Sword 3 Passive
  • Enables the creation of various Two Handed Sword class weapons.
RTENOTITLE Steel Tempering 5 Passive
  • Enables the creation of Steel from Iron and Coal.
RTENOTITLE Weaponry Research 10 Passive
  • Increases HIT, ATK of the chance of Forging a weapon.

Ragnarok Zero Skill Changes

2. Merchant
2.1 Crazy Uproar
- Adds 0.5 second fixed casting time.
- Adds 1 second variable casting time.
- Changes skill mechanism, grants Str + 4 and Atk + 30 to the user and nearby party members.
- Adds 30 seconds cooldown.

2. Blacksmith
2.1 Adrenaline Rush
- Increases attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 10%).
- Also increases Hit per skill level, Hit + 20 on level 5.

2.2 Power Thrust
- Weapon destruction chance is removed.
- Increases bonus damage on party members.