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Battlegrounds is a place for the best of the best to compete against each other in a more structured setting than War of Emperium. Unlike WoE, groups of adventurers can form teams with each other regardless of guild affiliations.

To enter Battlegrounds lobby, one must merely speak to a Maroll Battle Recruiter in major towns or cities.

There are currently 3 Battleground maps with different match settings.

Join a match

  1. To join a BG match you need to place yourself into a queue.
  2. Click on the Battleground button to open up the menu.
  3. Select one of the modes that you wish to play.
    • Battleground List
  4. Click on Individual if you are alone, party is you join as a party or guild.
    • Battleground Join
  5. You will then be placed into queue.
    • Once the queue is full, the game will start.
  6. Note: Make sure you do not AFK while queue, cause a match may begin at any time.

Battleground NPCs

NPC Name Description

Battle Supplies Shop

Battle Supplies

Tierra Gorge

  • 2 teams, need to destroy enemies storages.
  • 6vs6
  • Lv 80+
  • Winner receives 25x 27081.pngWar Token
  • Draw / Lose receives 5x 27081.pngWar Token


  • 2 teams, need to destroy enemies guardians and crystal.
  • 2 rounds.
  • 6vs6
  • Lv 80+
  • Winner receives 15x 27081.pngWar Token
  • Draw / Lose receives 5x 27081.pngWar Token

Krieger von Midgard (KvM)

  • 2 teams, last team standing. termanite all enemy members.
  • 5vs5
  • Lv 80+
  • Winner receives 5x 27081.pngWar Token
  • Draw / Lose receives 1x 27081.pngWar Token