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A list of Armors dropped by monsters, with chance of obtaining options with it.

More information about monster Equipment option click here.

Note: Only Champion and Fever Monsters drops Armors come with Options. Normal monsters doesn't drop optioned Armors.

Note: Champion monsters drops Champion category Armors, while Fever / Fever boss monster drops Fever category Armors.


Item Name Opt Level Drop by Monster Map Chance(%)
2301.pngCotton Shirt   Baby Desert Wolf Navigation  
  Furious Baby Desert Wolf moc_fild11  
2302.pngCotton Shirt [1]   Picky Navigation  
2303.pngJacket   Thief Bug Navigation  
  Solid Thief Bug prt_sewb4  
  Thief Bug Ringleader prt_sewb3  
  Furious Thief Bug prt_sewb2  
2304.pngJacket [1]   Swift Poring gef_fild07  
  Elusive Hornet prt_fild05  
  Swift Sailor Skeleton treasure02  
  Thief Bug Navigation  
  Solid Thief Bug prt_sewb4  
  Thief Bug Ringleader prt_sewb3  
  Furious Thief Bug prt_sewb2  
  Swift Mummy moc_pryd03  
2305.pngAdventurer's Suit   Munak Navigation  
2306.pngAdventurer's Suit [1]   Poring Ringleader prt_fild08  
  Furious Picky moc_fild12  
  Solid Mandragora gef_fild04  
  Baby Desert Wolf Navigation  
  Furious Baby Desert Wolf moc_fild11  
  Elusive Ambernite prt_fild04  
  Solid Mummy moc_pryd02  
2308.pngMantle [1]   Furious Poring prt_fild08  
  Roda Frog Ringleader prt_fild00  
  prt_sewb4 Solid Thief Bug  
  Wolf Navigation  
  Swift Wolf moc_fild03  
  Elusive Mimic moc_pryd06  
  Requiem Navigation  
  Solid Requiem in_sphinx2  
2310.pngCoat [1]   Caramel Navigation  
  Swift Caramel mjolnir_01  
  Elusive Deniro cmd_fild08  
  Soldier Skeleton Ringleader pay_dun02  
  Solid Coco gef_fild09  
  Seal Navigation  
  Swift Seal cmd_fild02  
  Swift Orc Skeleton orcsdun02  
  Furious Golem cmd_fild06  
  Swift Pasana in_sphinx5  
2311.pngMink Coat [1]   Arclouze Ringleader alde_dun01  
2312.pngPadded Armor   Rotar Zairo Navigation  
2313.pngPadded Armor [1]   Solid Horn pay_fild09  
  Furious Soldier Skeleton pay_dun01  
  Furious Plankton iz_dun00  
  Vadon Navigation  
  Solid Vadon iz_dun01  
  Furious Argos mjolnir_10  
  Elusive Magnolia prt_fild09  
  Furious Sandman moc_fild16  
  Furious Wild Rose um_fild04  
  Elusive Evil Druid gl_church  
  Furious Injustice gl_prison1  
2315.pngChain Mail [1]   Weak Soldier Skeleton Navigation  
  Solid Andre anthell02  
  Soldier Skeleton Navigation  
  Soldier Skeleton Ringleader pay_dun02  
  Furious Soldier Skeleton pay_dun01  
  Solid Martin mjo_dun02  
  Elusive Thara Frog beach_dun3  
  Swift Goblin gef_fild11  
  Swift Metaller cmd_fild09  
  Strouf Navigation  
  Furious Dustiness mjolnir_12  
  Swift Argiope mjolnir_05  
  Solid High Orc alde_dun02  
  Raydric Archer Navigation  
2316.pngFull Plate   Furious Injustice gl_prison1  
2317.pngFull Plate [1]   Elusive Orc Zombie orcsdun01  
  Savage Ringleader mjolnir_07  
  Merman Navigation  
  Furious Merman iz_dun04  
  Furious Stalactic Golem beach_dun2  
  Deepsea Merman Navigation  
  Swift Medusa beach_dun  
  Furious Bathory alde_dun04  
  Elusive Sting gl_sew03  
  Doppelganger gef_dun02  
2318.pngLord's Clothes [1]   Solid Solider tur_dun02  
  Furious Majoruros gl_dun02  
2319.pngGlittering Jacket [1]   Freezer Ringleader tur_dun03  
  Dark Priest Navigation  
  Furious Dark Priest gl_chyard  
  Swift Loli Ruri nif_fild02  
2320.pngFormal Suit [1]   Skeleton Prisoner Navigation  
  Furious Dark Priest gl_chyard  
  Furious Anolian gl_sew04  
2322.pngSilk Robe [1]   Elusive Poring prt_fild08  
  Furious Roda Frog gef_fild01  
  Thief Bug Ringleader prt_sewb3  
  Creamy Navigation  
  Swift Creamy gef_fild05  
  Swift Minorous in_sphinx4  
2324.pngScapulare [1]   Drops Ringleader moc_fild07  
  Swift Savage Babe mjolnir_09  
  Furious Thief Bug prt_sewb2  
  Elusive Minorous moc_pryd05  
  Angeling Navigation  
2326.pngSaint's Robe [1]   Swift Elder Willow prt_fild10  
  Furious Myst Case xmas_dun02  
  Furious Orc Warrior gef_fild10  
  Solid Cornutus iz_dun02  
  Obeaune Navigation  
  Deepsea Obeaune Navigation  
  Swift Greatest General pay_fild10  
  Elusive Argiope mjolnir_11  
  Clock Ringleader c_tower4  
  Furious Gargoyle gl_sew02  
2327.pngHoly Robe   Pharaoh in_sphinx5  
  Assaulter Ringleader tur_dun04  
2329.pngWooden Mail [1]   Solid Lunatic prt_fild08  
  Furious Zombie pay_dun00  
  Elusive Stainer prt_fild02  
  Solid Isis moc_pryd04  
2337.pngNinja Suit   Shinobi Navigation  
  Furious Shinobi ama_dun03  
2331.pngTights [1]   Elusive Phen iz_dun03  
  Furious Merman iz_dun04  
  Jakk Navigation  
  Side Winder Ringleader mjolnir_03  
  Elusive Alarm c_tower3  
  Solid Arclouze gl_dun01  
  Zealotus Navigation  
  Furious Lamp Rey iz_dun05  
2339.pngPantie   Zerom Navigation  
2333.pngSilver Robe [1]   Lunatic Ringleader prt_fild01  
  Elusive Rocker prt_fild07  
  Swift Creamy gef_fild05  
  Solid Whisper gl_sew01  
  Swift Sohee pay_dun03  
  Stormy Whisper Navigation  
  Giant Whisper Navigation  
2334.pngMage Coat   Dark Lord gl_chyard  
  Gargoyle Ringleader glast_01  
2336.pngThief Clothes [1]   Solid Elder Willow mjolnir_02  
  Elusive Skeleton Worker mjo_dun03  
  Swift Wolf moc_fild03  
  Solid Steel Chonchon moc_fild13  
  Furious Beetle King mjolnir_08  
  Furious Driller mjolnir_04  
  Wild Rose Navigation  
  Furious Wild Rose um_fild04  
  Solid Parasite um_fild03  
  Furious Clock c_tower2  
  Ghostring Navigation  
  Shinobi Navigation  
2338.pngWedding Dress   Orc Lady Navigation  
  Solid Orc Lady gef_fild03  
2355.pngAngelic Protection [1]   Eclipse Navigation  
15012.pngPuente Robe [1]   Orc Lady Navigation  
  Solid Orc Lady gef_fild03  
  Sohee Navigation  
  Swift Sohee pay_dun03  
15282.pngRabbit Shirt [1]   Erzebet Navigation  
15040.pngPrisoner's Clothing   Skeleton Prisoner Navigation  
  Zombie Prisoner Navigation  
15281.pngKhalitzburg Knight Armor [1]   Khalitzburg Navigation  
15271.pngOak Armor   Shadow Willow Navigation  
15269.pngLeaf Robe   Shadow Mandragora Navigation  
15270.pngPlant Stem Suit   Shadow Stem Worm Navigation  
15251.pngDesert Leather Armor [1]   Desert Hode Navigation  
  Desert Frilldora Navigation  
  Desert Phreeoni moc_fild17  
15252.pngDesert Leather Robe [1]   Desert Hode Navigation  
  Desert Frilldora Navigation  
  Desert Phreeoni moc_fild17  
15253.pngDesert Leather Suit [1]   Desert Frilldora Navigation  
  Desert Phreeoni moc_fild17