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Alberta Mini Map


Alberta is a port town that makes a short appearance in the manhwa. The Merchant Guild is also located here. However, you can't find many merchants here because most of the trades that are done here are between larger merchants...

A ship that sunk with a large amount of treasure was found recently, attracting much interest.

Alberta is located on the south easternmost part of the Rune-Midgarts Kingdom. It is a substantial trade port that links the kingdom to faraway lands across the ocean.

After the resurrection of Surt, Alberta remains largely unchanged aside from the fact that there is no longer a reward office. It now contains the headquarters of the Merchant Guild, where Novice players can job change to Merchants.

After the Age of Gods ends, the original Payon land that Alberta was built on no longer existed as the Day of Despair sank it beneath the sea. It eventually was re-established farther inland. In the years to come, the newer Alberta eventually expands into a sizable commercial port of trade.


NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Lost Tourist


  • Base Level 40+
  • EXP

Mixture Crafting

Girl Messenger

  • Any level
  • Ability to craft Mixtures

Turtle Island Exploration


  • Base Level 70+
  • Access to Turtle Island


Daily Quests

NPC Info Requirements Rewards

Rescue a Friend


  • Base Level 40+

Sunken Ship Mysterious

Cool Event Staff

  • Completed Rescue a Friend quest.

Turtle Island Expedition

Knight Tibalt

  • Base Level 70+
Knight Leader
  • Completed Knight Tibalt quests