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The Adventurer Inn is located in Prontera, it's a place full of adventurer doing various activities offered by the NPCs inside the Inn.

Currencies used inside the Inn are mostly Zeny and 27087.pngZelstar.


  • South part of Prontera city.
  • Adventurer Inn

Service NPCs

NPC Description

Domas Headgear Quests


  • Domas is captain sailing around the sea, he's also cousin to Tomas in Malangdo Island.
  • You can craft all classic Headgears from his Quest Shop. 
    • The requirements are adapted to match kRO Zero.

2nd Job Changer

Master Baboom

  • Need Base and Job Level 50+.
  • Get instant job change from 1st to 2nd!

Cordeo Stats and Skills Reset


  • A magical high priest who can help you reset your skills and stats.

Melinda the Card Remover


  • She has the ability to remove Cards off equipment and weapons, although it comes with a great cost.
  • The fee is 500.000 zeny for 70% success chance.
  • You can also give her 4x 25430.pngMythril for 100% success chance.

Item Remover

Item Remover

  • Do you have any unwanted Account or Character bound items?
  • Bring it to him to get them removed.

Master Zhang Refinery

Master Zhang

  • Bring any equipment and materials needed for Master Zhang, and he will help you refining the equipment, to make it even stronger!
  • You can find other refining NPCs, but Master Zhang is handsome.

Flamering Ore Exchanger


Captain Cairn Expedition Gears

Captain Cairn

Expedition Gear Enchant Services

1st Job Essence Statue

2nd Job Essence Statue

Ninja Essence Statue

  • Add extra power to your Expedition Gears by enchanting them!

Dead Branch Room

Heavy Door

  • Rent a Dead Branch Room (DB Room) for 1 hour, it costs only 10.000 zeny!
  • A private room for that cost is awesome, no one will steal your monsters.
  • Note: You can also use DBs on all Field map number 3, example Prontera Field 03.

Magician the Jello Synthesis

Jello Magician

A quick Storage


  • Just a quick Storage access service.

Zelstar Store

Zelstar Store

Zelstar Item Machine

Zelstar Item Machine

  • Spend Zelstar to get a random item.

Zelstar Costume Machine

Zelstar Costume Machine

  • Spend Zelstar to get a random permanent Costume Headgear.

Great Soul Merchant

Give him a 27560.pngGreat Soul, and he will give you a random item.

Zelstar Corp Services

NPC Name Description Reward


Mythril Corp Stylist

  • Give him 1x 27087.pngZelstar. for his cloth color services.
  • You will be able to change it once per mythril.
  • Able to change cloth color, hair color and hairstyles.

Platinum Quest Skills

Mythril Corp Sergeant

  • Give him 1x 27087.pngZelstar. for his Quest/Platinum Skill services.
  • Obtain Platinum / Quest skills without doing the quests.